10 actors who almost died on the set of their movie


Shooting a film is an exercise choreographed to the millimeter so that there are no unexpected events. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that certain things do not go as planned and that it turns to drama… Until almost costing the life of an actor / actress. Here are 10 examples.

Update: this article “10 actors who almost died on the set of their movie” was published in April 2021.

Dylan O’Brien in the movie The Labyrinth: The Death Cure

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It was during the filming of the third part of the saga The labyrinth that Dylan O’Brien got the scare of his life. While he wanted to perform one of the stunts himself, the interpreter of Thomas was violently hit by a car. The shock was such that he had to be quickly transported to the nearest hospital. He eventually came out with several fractures, but took a long time to recover: ” I had to walk a long and difficult road following this accident, much more than people imagine. It was something private and personal, I’ve been through this sea for a very long time » he confided in Deadline.

Isla Fisher on the set of Elusive


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Elusive follows magicians and illusionists who are on a mission to rob a bank. Among them is Henley, played by Isla Fisher, who will be remembered all her life from the shoot. During one sequence, she had to be plunged into a pool filled with water and break free before piranhas were poured into it. But one of the channels got stuck during the filming: ” I couldn’t pull myself free, and everyone thought I was playing great when I was drowning! I then wondered if this was how I was going to die: in front of all these extras, and in a bathing suit “recalls the actress during an interview for the Dailymail.

Jennifer Lawrence on the set ofHunger Games: Mockingjay – part 2


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Jennifer Lawrence was close to death not during a scene ofHunger Games: Mockingjay – part 2, but between two takes of the film. The actress almost choked on a vitamin capsule, and was saved in extremis by Woody Harrelson, the interpreter of Haymitch. An anonymous source present on the set told the site contactmusic.com: “ She started choking, suffocating, throbbing in her throat and her face was turning bright red. Everyone around her was paralyzed, not knowing what to do. »

Michael J. Fox in the movie Back to the Future 3


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This is an anecdote known to fans of the saga Back to the future. In a scene from the third installment, Marty finds himself hanged in the public square of Hill Valley. But due to bad timing, Michael J. Fox really found himself hanged and lost consciousness for about thirty seconds. Filming had to be interrupted for a day while the actor recovered.

Jason Statham in Expendables III


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During an interview for the Tonight Late ShowTerry Crews said that Jason Statham almost died during an action scene ofExpendables III. ” He was supposed to stop the truck so we could shoot the scene. But the vehicle never stopped! The truck rolled alongside the wharf and plunged into the Black Sea with Jason Statham at the wheel! In this kind of situation you have like an action movie in your head where you see yourself regaining control of the truck. Except that I was only able to yell ‘Jason! Jason!’ I was on dry land and Jason was stuck in the sinking truck! Everyone was panicking. »

Kate Winslet in the cult film titanic


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Kate Winslet revealed to Los Angeles Times that she had almost drowned during a scene of titanic. Her character had to run away from a wave but she was caught and pushed to the bottom of the water due to the weight of her coat. She stayed underwater for a long time before breaking free, which was a very difficult scene for the actress to shoot.

Tom Cruise in The last Samourai


Sensitive souls refrain. Tom Cruise was on the verge of being beheaded on the set of the Last Samurai. In one fight scene, the actor was on a mechanical horse that had to flip backwards when his opponent stabbed him with a sword. Problem, the mechanical horse got stuck during the filming and therefore could not switch as planned. Fortunately Hiroyuki Sanada, the stuntman who was supposed to kick him, was able to stop in time and avoid the worst.

Sylvester Stallone almost died on the set of Rocky IV


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Sylvester Stallone revealed at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival that he had a brush with death on the set of Rocky IV, due to a punch received by actor Dolph Lundgren. ” We rehearsed the final fight a lot and he sent me to the hospital during the filming. But it’s my fault: I told him ‘Okay, I want something real. Just try to knock me out!’ It was the dumbest thing to say to him. In the end, I ended up in a hospital room in intensive care for 4 days with nurses around me. I thought I was going to die. »

Johnny Depp on the set of the movie Express Rum


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Johnny Depp saw his life scroll on the set of the film Express Rum. In the columns of the magazine Life, the actor explained that he had escaped a plane crash. ” The plane shut down. The sound of the engines stopped. It was silent. bruce (the director, Editor’s note) and I looked at each other and I think I said ‘So that’s it?’ It was like a long moment in suspense, where you float for a second feeling the fall. The engines were then reignited and the worst was avoided.

Halle Berry almost died on the set of die another day


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Halle Berry reveals on a Jimmy Fallon show that she had a brush with death while filming a love scene for the film die another day of the saga james bond. She was supposed to seduce Her Majesty’s character while she was eating. The actress says: I had to try to be sexy with a fig, but I started choking. Pierce Brosnan hastened to rescue her by trying to expel the foreign body. ” It was so unsexy, so unsexy. He was there for me and he will remain one of my favorite people in the world.


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