A dramatic twist, Nolwenn Leroy leaves “The Voice” prematurely: what happened?


During the prime on Saturday April 9, 2022, TF1 viewers again saw the singer sit on the red armchair of the tele-hook, but this will not be the case during the next broadcast. The interpreter of Sorting Martolod left to perhaps return better.

A season like no other

The eleventh season of The Voice in full swing on TF1. Those who have followed the contest since its arrival on the channel will have noticed that the 2022 edition was different from those that preceded it. This year, there were not four, but five coaches.

Indeed, in addition to Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine and Vianney, we also had Nolwenn Leroy. The one who won star Academy in 2002 worked behind the scenes on the show from the start.

This was done without the knowledge of the other members of the jury. This somewhat special coach had given a second chance to four candidates who could not pass the blind auditions. The Breton confides that she has always been a fan of the show. And the parts she likes the most are obviously the blind auditions.

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“Often I said to myself that it was a pity that certain talents were not selected. It could happen that after a whole day of listening, the coaches let slip a few nuggets, certain diamonds. That’s where I come in”, explains Nolwenn Leroy

After carefully watching the blind auditions, Nolwenn Leroy then chose four eliminated candidates to participate in the battles. The winners of the two duels will have the chance to continue the adventure. These last two will choose to integrate the already existing teams, namely, that of Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine or Vianney.

Four fished out, two duels

The first duel opposed Jean Palau and Kilian during the prime which took place on Saturday April 2, 2022. The duo sang on Sign of the times by Harry Styles. During this battle, it was Jean Palau who came out on top.

“You were really connected, all the harmonies were in place, it was beautiful, thank you so much,” she said when choosing the winner.

Jean Palau then chose to join Florent Pagny’s team in order to prepare the cross battles.

The second duel took place on the evening of April 9, 2022 between Léo and Lloris. The two young men then took their revenge with a lot of emotion. On the stage, Nolwenn Leroy asked them to sing behind the fog of Grand Corps Malade and Louane.

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Faced with their exemplary performance, the four other members of the jury realized that they had missed something. Lloris “seized” the stage and completely captivated them. The most impressive thing is that the latter started singing only a few months ago.

You guessed it, Nolwenn Leroy chose Lloris as the winner of the event. The young man will prepare the cross battles with the team of Marc Lavoine.

At the end of these two battles, no one will question the choice of Nolwenn Leroy, because the candidates she drafted did not lack talent. It is not certain that we can say the same with the choices of Florent Pagny since the web has been agitated since Saturday because of one of his decisions.

It’s just a goodbye Nolwenn

Nolwenn Leroy’s mission ended after she gave a second chance to the four candidates not selected in the blind auditions. Once his proteges have integrated the already existing teams, the companion of Arnaud Clément will leave the show.

The four other members of the jury will now take over. Let the fans be reassured, this is just a goodbye. Viewers will have the pleasure of seeing the 39-year-old artist again during the grand finale. This will be broadcast live on television.

It would be quite possible that it is one of the candidates that she drafted who will win at the end of this season. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the cross battles.

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