Adrien Cachot’s not-so-flamboyant after-“Top Chef”


The finalist for season 11 of the M6 ​​culinary competition returns to the studios to challenge the candidates still in contention on a test around offal. Nearby Figarohe looks back on his last two years of hardship to launch his business after the show.

He was considered the darling of viewers. Adrien Cachot, finalist for season 11 of “Top Chef”, returns this Wednesday evening to M6 to concoct and judge a test of the last promo. “It’s always a pleasure to set foot on this set again, there is a certain emotion. We spent hours there, with the cameramen, the journalists, the production… It’s an extraordinary adventure“, he confides to us a few hours before the broadcast of the episode. The candidates still in competition will have to cook offal for him, specialties for which this chef of Bordeaux origin was known in the competition. “I do not want to be categorized only in offal but it is a subject that I like a lothe says. Afterwards, it’s complicated and difficult for me to judge the candidates. They made great plates, I had to make a choice, I tried to ask myself the right questions.”

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What has become of Adrien Cachot since the end of his season broadcast two years ago in full confinement? Before participating in the show, his Détour restaurant, located in the Trinité district of Paris, had closed. And, with more than 40,000 euros in winnings after his defeat against David Gallienne in the final, Adrien had plans to open a new address in the capital by the end of 2020. But the health crisis is been there and, a year ago, he met “a misadventureas he likes to describe it. “I was denied quite a few credits to buy a restaurant. When you want to remain independent, financing remains a problem despite a passage through “Top Chef”. The banks did not give me an exceptional welcome. And the person who finally sold me the restaurant canceled two days before the keys were handed over. I found myself with all my team on the street“, he reveals.

“A youthful mistake”

Adrien Cachot on the opening of 140 degrees in Paris with Mallory Gabsi

Adrien Cachot had to quickly find a way out. Thanks to a residency at the Cannes Festival at Le Perchoir last summer, he won a contract for himself and his teams the following October, at the restaurant of the same name in Paris. A success that has lasted for nearly seven months in the Ménilmontant district, with reservations being complete as soon as they are available on the Internet. “I’ve only mentioned the negative side, but “Top Chef” opens up nice doors, we’re still quite a bit solicited by establishments for collaborations. And then the reception of the people is exceptional“, he wishes to qualify.

When he talks about the reception of the public, it is impossible not to think of the thundering opening of 140 degrees, his chip shop imagined with Mallory Gabsi, another candidate of his season, in the episode of the restaurant war. The establishment had been born in an ephemeral way on a Parisian barge in July 2020 but, victim of its success, it had to close its doors hastily – only four days after the opening – due in particular to a shortage of stock of fries! “It was a childhood mistake“, concedes today Adrien Cachot before ensuring not”regret nothing“.

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The future is still uncertain for Adrien Cachot who will leave the kitchens of Le Perchoir on April 29th. If he intends to open his own establishment, he still has not found his location. “I am still waiting. I am looking for a place and a space where I can fully express myself in Paris. I don’t lose hope“, he completes while being careful not to pour out on the concept of his address in order to “book a surpriseto his followers who follow him.

If he had to give advice to young chefs who want to participate in “Top Chef”, Adrien Cachot would mention maturity. “Don’t go too earlyt, he thinks. It remains a cooking competition with fifteen candidates. There are no good or bad, just experience and desire. There are always exceptions but you have to arrive with as many weapons as possible.”

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