After Sonic 2, the director teases the arrival of a series on an iconic character


The director of sonic 2Jeff Fowler, talks about a Paramount + series that would tell the adventures of one of the characters of the franchise.

sonic 2 just did a sensational debut in cinemas. If in France, the new adventures of the blue hedgehog collected barely less than the first part of 2020, in the United States they broke the record for the start of an adaptation of video games to the cinema. A canonical start to exploitation which will undoubtedly make it one of the best scores of 2022, in the same way as sonic the movie ended 2020 with the third biggest US box office of the year.

The new franchise sonic therefore seems to become a real goose that lays the golden egg for Paramount who will not fail to exploit the brand until they can no longer do so. Evidenced by the third part project announced by the end of this laborious sonic 2but also a possible series on the character of Knuckles, recently teased by the director of the two feature films, Jeff Fowler, at the microphone of DiscussingFilm :

“Oh, it’s very early to talk about all this [la série sur Knuckles, ndlr]. I had a certainty after finishing the film, it was that people were going to love the character, that they were going to love that Idris Elba played him and that they were going to absolutely want to know more about him. But right now it’s all about getting people excited and going to see what’s next.

Then we’ll see. He’s such a wonderful character that there are so many ways to work with him to keep fans happy, so I really hope that happens very soon. But right now, I’m just excited to get people excited to see what’s next.”

A franchise of thunder?

Jeff Fowler therefore asserts thata series centered on Knuckles would be in the embryonic stage on the side of Paramount – in parallel with the third film sonic – for their SVoD platform, Paramount+. The character dubbed in English by Idris Elba was among the most exciting elements of this second feature film, first defined as a threat to the blue hedgehog before joining his camp for the climax against Jim Carrey’s Robotnik.

Faced with the imposing success of the franchise, Paramount therefore quite naturally exploits the potential of attractiveness of the universe adapted from video games to enrich the catalog of its platform, still lagging behind the giants Netflix and Disney +. Note that Jeff Fowler did not mention the slightest track that this Knuckles series could take, but mentioned his desire touse the franchise’s latest games as inspiration.

Sonic 2: Knuckles picture“Kame…hame…haaaa!”

To see how the project will evolve. Be that as it may, given the start of sonic 2, there is little chance that the studio will backtrack, no offense to lovers of the franchise – and good taste. Note that if, like a lot of people on Widescreen, you’re tired of blockbusters à la sonic Where Morbiusthe gigantic Telugu movie RRR is still in some cinemas in France, what satisfy spectators in need of generous entertainment.



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