Airbus places its biggest order of the year with BOC Aviation


Airbus made its biggest sale at the start of the year with the signing of a contract for 80 A320 NEO family aircraft for BOC Aviation. It is also the largest order placed by the Singapore-based rental company, a subsidiary of the Bank of China group. Composed solely of firm acquisitions, it is divided between 50 A321 NEO, 10 A321 XLR (long-haul version of the A321 NEO) and 20 A320neo.

BOC confirms its place among the main customers of Airbus. Robert Martin, its managing director, welcomed this new signature: “This is the largest single order we have ever placed and it will bring the total number of Airbus aircraft purchased since our creation to 546.” The European aircraft manufacturer’s count, based solely on direct orders, is more modest with 453 aircraft, including 245 aircraft from the A320 CEO family (first generation A320) and now 188 aircraft from the A320 NEO family (re-engined version). . The last 20 aircraft are long-haul A330s and A350s.

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80 devices in three years

This order will significantly replenish the portfolio of BOC Aviation, which only had 30 A320 NEO and 3 A321 NEO left to receive. The rental company will nevertheless have to wait until 2027 to receive its new devices. They will, however, be delivered at a high rate until 2029.

This schedule is in line with Airbus’ strategy to strengthen its order book over the second half of the decade, while the delivery positions are already largely occupied for the years to come.

“We continue to add aircraft to our backlog for the second half of the decade. It’s very good, it gives depth, visibility. This is exactly what we are looking for in the current period”, declared Guillaume Faury, Executive Chairman of Airbus, during an order at the Dubai show at the end of 2021. He also sees in this a justification for his desire to continue to ramp up to 75 aircraft by 2025.