Alessandra Sublet, TV is over! His radical life change revealed


Alessandra Sublet is tired of presenting, she wants to act. She had already spoken about it several months ago. Well, little by little, she embarks on her new projects. Indeed, she has just announced that she will no longer be hosting It’s Canteloup. The pretty brunette definitely wants to get into the cinema. So fans of Nicolas Canteloup’s show should expect to see a new face hosting the program.

Alessandra Sublet: she is embarking on a new career as an actress!

In addition to It’s CanteloupAlessandra Sublet is also part of the season 3 team of Mask Singer, still on the chain TF1. Indeed, she leads the investigation with her teammates, Anggun, Marianne James and Jarry. Alessandra Sublet and also Jarry had already announced that these would be their last participations as detectives in the show. So take advantage of their presence! Indeed, admirers of the host should expect to see her in new adventures. And not in the usual programs like Mystery duets, The great animator contest or It’s Canteloup. This Thursday, April 7, it will disappear permanently from the screens.

At 45, she decided to start from scratch and make a big change. Indeed, first of all, she moved and she settled in the south. In addition, she also organized joint custody with her children. Besides, she received a torrent of criticism on this subject where the haters insinuated that she was an unworthy mother. But Alessandra Sublet is a fighter, she doesn’t do anything like everyone else and her atypical career is proof of that. In addition, the two books she has released also prove that she is without taboos. With Fuck Cinderella! and Got the blues, baby? she denounces societal problems towards women.

Today, it’s her choice, she no longer accepts collaboration in animation. I take off my TV presenter costume. At TF1, it didn’t surprise them more than that. In December, Ara Aprikian (headline program boss) and I had a conversation. I had told him of my desire to try new adventures., she confessed. One thing is certain, she is brave! Indeed, you have to dare to retrain, challenge yourself and take the risk of failing. As they say, it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

A return in an upcoming TV movie

Don’t worry, so it won’t completely disappear from your screens. Indeed, in a few weeks, you will be able to find her in the TV movie Handigang. Alessandra Sublet will play Théo Curin’s mother. On the set this summer, I felt a lot of things. This new challenge thrilled me,” she said enthusiastically. She loved this adventure so much that she wanted to take “a real risk” in his professional career. A hell of a bet, that’s for sure, but those around her support her on this path.

Who will replace Alessandra Sublet in It’s Canteloup ?

Alessandra Sublet hosts the show on a daily basis It’s Canteloup on the chain TF1. Despite the criticism, she has always defended her program and the comedian. But, it is well and truly over, the pretty brunette will give way to a new person. Who will become the partner of comic Nicolas Canteloup? For the moment, we do not know the identity of Alessandra Sublet’s replacement, but it still gives us some clues… Why not a comedian? »she told our colleagues at Parisian. “You have to combine the game and disregard the reactions of the people you are caricaturing. » Indeed, it is obvious that the person who will take over this mission will have to have a great temperament. Case to follow! We will let you know when the replacement is known.


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