Alicia Vikander reveals she was traumatized by filming sex scenes


One more actress denounces loud and clear the difficulties of filming intimate scenes – “The worst thing ever,” Alicia Vikander told American magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

On the occasion of his visit to France to promote his latest role in the television series Irma Vep (produced by Sky Atlantique, written and directed by French filmmaker Olivier Essayas), Alicia Vikander opened up about her acting injuries to the American magazine Harper’s BazaarApril 6.

Without language of wood, the Oscar-winning actress for her role in danish girl by Tom Hooper returned to his worst memories of filming: the sex scenes.

“In my career, I have been in situations where I did not feel protected”, says the 33-year-old Danish actress about some nudity scenes. Alicia Vikander especially expressed her main regret: the absence of an intimacy coach during her first steps in the profession.

The appearance of intimacy coaches after MeToo

After the MeToo wave of freedom of speech and the Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017, progress has been made, particularly during the filming of sex scenes.

From now on, intimacy coordinators have become a standard in the movie industries. Their role ? Supervise the progress of the sex scenes and arrange all the situations which could hinder, anguish the artists.

“I’m very comfortable with my body and I’ve done several nudity and sex scenes, but it’s never easy”assures the interpreter of Lara Croft in the last tom raider (2018). But Alicia Vikander does not hesitate to warn about the difficulties present during the filming of intimate scenes which “cannot be improvised”. “You have to do a choreography and stick to it”, she claims.


Of course, in reality, the reality diverges. The interpreter of Gloria Steinem in The Glorias poured out on a specific event that traumatized him during one of his shoots.

Everybody was busy doing their own thing and in the middle you got an actor sitting naked for a few hours because the person who is supposed to bring her a dressing gown never comes. It comes after, and it was not good. I should have been taken care of”

Only take one shot to avoid abuse

To deal with these uncomfortable, sometimes shocking situations, the actress has developed an unstoppable strategy. As she revealed, in 2019, still in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, it imposes on directors the “one-taker”. It’s about making a scene in one take.

“I warn the team that it is a “one-taker“. That way, everyone on set is on the alert.”she explains, adding that she uses this technique mainly for sequences involving nudity or sex.

The confidences of the actress close here. The mystery persists because at no time does she cite the films in which these incidents took place. Without investigating far, we realize that she shot intimate scenes in only two feature films: Tulip Ferver (2017), directed by Justin Chadwick, and Earthquake Bird (2019) by Wash Westmoreland. Hoping that the next occurrences will be healthier.

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