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Ding dong, back to school is approaching in Las Encinas. This April 8, Netflix unveils season 5 of Elite, one of the most anticipated by subscribers to the streaming platform. Eight new episodes are to be discovered and like every year, the school sees new students arrive. Among the latest arrivals, we will discover in particular the Brazilian actor André Lamoglia in the skin of Iván, son of a famous soccer player. On his side, Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere will lend her features to Isadora, a young heiress to a chain of nightclubs. At last, Adam Nourou, French actor, has been cast as Bilal, but no further information on his role has been released at this time. These new episodes will also be an opportunity to find the actors and actresses present since the beginning or almost from the Spanish series. As you can imagine, film sets often allow different actors to get closer. The opportunity to focus to the different couples who formed, or separated, during the shooting ofElite. Here is who the actors of the series are in a relationship with in real life!

What about Maria Pedraza (Marina) and Jaime Lorente (Nano) and Ester Expósito (La Marquise) and Álvaro Rico (Polo)?

Maria Pedraza and Jaime Lorente met on the set of Money Heist, another series streaming on Netflix. The two Spanish actors, however, found themselves on the sets ofElite, falling madly in love with each other while shooting. If they stayed together for more than two years, it seems that they have put an end to their story… Indeed, the two actors no longer appear on their respective networks: they would have separated during the summer of 2021. What about Ester Expósito, aka the most coveted actress ofElite and Álvaro Rico? The interpreters of Carla and Polo had a real crush on each other on the film sets when they met in 2018. Unfortunately, after a year of relationship, Álvaro Rico announced their break with the site Hello. Since October 2019, Ester has been in a relationship with Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer, met in someone must diea series also available on Netflix.

With whom are Danna Paola (Lu), Jorge Lopez (Valerio), Miguel Bernadeau (Guzman) and Miguel Herràn (Christian) in a relationship?

Ester Expósito, although lack ofElite for several seasons now, was not the only coveted actress! Danna Paola (Lu) also enjoyed great success on social networks. According to many rumors, she would have had a relationship with Jorge Lopez, the interpreter of Valerio who played his half-brother on the show. However, the actress has always denied this information. She would therefore be currently single, just like her co-star who prefers to remain discreet about her personal life. Miguel Bernadeau (Guzman) has meanwhile found the right shoe in the person of Aitana Ocañaa Spanish singer with whom he has been dating since 2018. Miguel Herrán (Christian) is no longer a heart to take either sincehe shares his life with the Spanish actress Sandra Escacena ! However, it has been a while since he unveiled new photos by his side…

Omar Asuyo (Omar), Georgina Amoros (Cayetana), Arón Piper (Ander), Claudia Salas (Rebeka), Manu Ríos (Patrick), Pol Granch (Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg) do they share their life with someone?

If we hear them a lot in the series Elite, the interpreters of Omar, Cayetana, Ander, Rebeka, Patrick or even Phillipe are all very discreet about their personal lives. Omar Asuyo would be in a relationship with a certain Carmen, unknown to the media world. According to the photos revealed on Instagram, Georgina Amoros would go out with Diego Betancor, the series’ executive producer. Arón Piper does not post anything personal on his networks, so it is impossible to know whether he is in a relationship or single. According to the latest known information, Claudia Salas would still be a heart to take, like her co-star Manu Ríos. Finally, Pol Granch, would be on his side in a relationship with singer Natalia Lacunzawith whom he recorded the song In llama.

Martina Cariddi (Mencía), Carla Díaz (Arí), the two new actresses ofElite are they a couple?

Martina Cariddi would no longer be a heart to take since she dating Spanish actor Ivan Pellicer for nearly two years. Regarding Carla Díaz, no information about her personal life is revealed on her social networks. From now on, the actors and actresses ofElite have no more secrets for you! And if by chance, one of them literally makes your heart skip a beatyou now know if they are single or already taken…

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