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Directed by Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delépine, “At the same time” features two French politicians who are completely opposed and who find themselves literally glued to each other. Worn by actors Vincent Macaigne and Jonathan Cohen, the film is currently to be seen in cinemas.

On the eve of a vote to ratify the construction of a leisure park in place of a primary forest, an uninhibited right-wing mayor (Jonathan Cohen) tries to bribe a fellow ecologist (Vincent Macaigne).

After a rather drunken evening, they get tricked by young feminist activists (India Hair, Jehnny Beth) and find themselves literally glued to each other. Then begins a road movie on a scooter and an electric car for these two politicians who are opposites.

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ecology and feminism

For their tenth feature film, Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine, authors of the “Groland” sketches on Canal+, offer a comic film on French politics which shows an aging patriarchy counterbalanced by a militant feminism, with at the center the crucial question of ecology.

Despite this choice of current themes and a calibrated exit a few days before the first round of the presidential elections in France, the goal of the duo is not to give lessons or take sides.

One of the purposes of the film is to show that “every time we make a political decision, we try to spare the goat and the cabbage. And that’s not right, explains Gustave Kervern to the RTS. It’s the absurdity of this world that we wanted to point out, as we did in our other films.”

Asked about their influences, the two directors cite Dadaism. They will also pay tribute to this artistic movement born at the beginning of the 20th century in Zurich in the form of an “act and not a film” in 2024, the year which will mark the centenary of the film “Entr’acte” by Rene Clair.

This absurdity of the political world, the director duo translated it in “At the same time” into comedy and burlesque. Here all the protagonists are caricatural and we are faced with many clichés. A schoolboy humor that will seduce fans of the genre and leave some of the others on the sidelines.

“At the same time” by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern with Jonathan Cohen and Vincent Macaigne. [Ad Vitam]

A schoolboy humor, but not only…

As its title may also suggest, in addition to being a reference to an expression dear to Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, “At the same time” offers more than this escalation of clichés and winded humor. He was able to seduce, at least in part, the film critics of the RTS.

If Rafael Wolf regrets that this film remains, like its characters, stuck to its initial idea and did not know how to evolve towards a certain madness present in other productions of the duo of directors, Judith Beauvallet ended up being seduced at the time where the ridiculousness of the characters turns into tenderness. “It’s a film that is ultimately not made to be really funny. It is not what it announces to be at the start and turns out to be very relevant, original and surprising in the end”, she underlines .

It’s a film that is ultimately not made to be really funny. It is not what it announces to be at the start and turns out to be very relevant, original and surprising in the end.

Judith Beauvallet, film critic

As for Robin Adel, iel underlines the very beautiful casting and estimates that in spite of the heaviness of certain stereotypes, “At the same time” will find its public, but suggests that it will undoubtedly make more laugh in France than in Switzerland. “The moral of this film, he analyzes, is to say to oneself that if we put two politicians from opposite sides together and made them communicate, we might manage to do something. But in the end it This is already happening in Switzerland and it’s not working so badly.”

Andréanne Quartier-la-Tente


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