Audiences: New cardboard for “Captain Marleau”, “Mask Singer” large FRDA leader, France 3 is still suffering


Friday evening, France 2 rose to the top of the audience rankings with a new investigation by “Captain Marleau”. Carried by Corinne Masiero, Laura Smet and Christophe Dechavanne, this episode, directed as always by Josée Dayan, conquered some 6.26 million fans of the captain with a strong character, which represents, according to Médiamétrie, 30.2% of the public aged four and over (4+) and 13.1% of Women Purchasing Managers under 50 (FRDA-50). Last Friday, the series had been acclaimed by 6.36 million viewers, or 30.5% of the public and 10.5% of the FRDA-50.

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Audiences access 8 p.m.: Coudray in the lead under 5 million, "TPMP"  in progress, "The Marseillais"  at the lowest


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TF1 follows with the second issue of “Mask Singer”. 3.73 million viewers had fun discovering the identity of the 10 costumed candidates still in competition but also of the international personality out of competition. The audience share amounts to 21.0% of the total public. On the FRDA-50 target, TF1 is the broad leader with 39.1%. Last Friday, the launch of season 3 of the program produced by Hervé Hubert and presented by Camille Combal was followed by 3.58 million fans, or 20.2% of the public and 38.1% of the FRDA-50.

Far behind, M6 won the podium with “The Rookie: The Los Angeles cop”. The two new episodes of season 3 of the American series with Nathan Fillion intrigued, on average, 1.54 million viewers, or 7.4% of the public and 12.9% of the FRDA-50. The launch of season 3 last Friday brought together 1.43 million curious people, which represented 6.8% of the public and 11.3% of the FRDA-50.

France 3 continues its difficult week

France 3 is far from the mark with “3:10 for Yuma”. The American film directed by James Mangold with Russell Crowe in the cast attracted only 925,000 moviegoers, for an audience share of the general public of 4.6% (2.1% of FRDA-50). France 3 therefore continues its difficult week after the failures of “Once upon a time Marseille” on Wednesday and “The dream life of Nougaro” on Thursday. Last week, the programming of “Creed: The Legacy of Rocky Balboa” also ended in failure with 626,000 moviegoers, for a 4+ audience share of 3.2% (3.3% FRDA-50).

Behind, Wales / France, qualifying match for the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup, commented live by Xavier Domergue and Laura Georges, captivated 799,000 football fans on W9 (3.8% of the public and 1.3% FRDA-50).

We then find France 5 with “Spotlight”, an American film directed by Thomas McCarthy with Mark Ruffalo. The rebroadcast feature shines with 679,000 moviegoers, which corresponds to 3.4% of the public (1.1% of FRDA-50). Last week, “Melo”, a French film directed by Alain Resnais, with Sabine Azéma and Fanny Ardant, had drained 674,000 fans of the genre (3.2% of the public and 0.3% FRDA-50). On RMC Découverte, 454,000 viewers fell in love with “Les secrets de Fort Boyard”, a documentary directed by Philippe Granados (2.1% of the public).


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