be careful, sharing your password may become chargeable

be careful, sharing your password may become chargeable

Netflix: beware, sharing your password may become chargeable (Credit: Getty Images)

Netflix: beware, sharing your password may become chargeable (Credit: Getty Images)

Long lenient on this subject, Netflix intends to no longer tolerate account sharing. The leading video streaming platform will conduct tests in different countries to put an end to it.

Sharing a Netflix account with friends or family without putting your hand in your pocket will soon no longer be possible. As its growth falters after an exceptional 2020, the streaming platform wants to tighten the screw after years of tolerance. These account splits would cause the company to lose around 5 million euros each year. To put an end to this widespread practice, the American giant is embarking on a test phase to find a way to charge for sharing passwords. Costa Rica, Chile and Peru will wipe the plaster. Objective: to collect new subscribers without taking the risk of dissatisfying its current customers.

Netflix struggles to gain new subscribers

In these three countries chosen by Netflix, subscribers will have to pay a sum in addition to their monthly subscription (between 3 dollars and 2.12 dollars depending on the country). By paying this supplement, they will be able to add up to two additional accounts to their profile. The company fully assumes this decision.

“We have always allowed people who live together to share their Netflix accounts with features like separate profiles and simultaneous streams for our Standard and Premium subscriptions,” said Chengyi Long, director of product innovation. at Netflix. “While these features are extremely popular, they have also created a form of confusion about when and how Netflix could be used, she added. The fact that accounts are shared in this way affects our ability to invest in series and quality films for our members.”

To facilitate the creation of new accounts, Netflix will also offer a new service in the three test countries to transfer a profile to a new account. The world leader in video streaming intends to win new subscribers after a difficult 2021. Netflix convinced “only” 18 million new users last year compared to 37 million in 2020.

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