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Benoît Poelvoorde is announced in a film freely inspired by the Marc Dutroux affair. Anthony Bajon will also be in the cast. The film, entitled Maldoror, will be directed by Fabrice du Welz, currently in the cinema with Inexorable.


Fabrice du Welz, currently in the cinema with his feature film Inexorable, confides in his next film, the subject of which should make a lot of people react. The Belgian filmmaker will indeed look into a criminal case which strongly shook the country, and had an impact well beyond its borders, in the 90s: that of Marc Dutroux, a child criminal convicted of rape and murder of small children. girls and teenagers.

It is not, however, a faithful adaptation of the case, but a film freely inspired: “I specify well: it is not Marc Dutroux, it is a character who has another name and who is freely inspired by Dutroux“, indicates Fabrice du Welz in the columns of Première.

My ambition is to make films, so it is certain that the villain that we will try to make Benoît embody, he will look more like Frank Booth from Blue Velvet than Marc Dutroux“, he continues. “My ambition is to draw inspiration from a true story, in a rigorous and methodical way, and then to transform it into the most exciting and constructed cinema possible..”

To play this role inspired by Marc Dutroux, Fabrice du Welz says he will call on Benoît Poelvoorde, an actor with whom he has already collaborated twice, in Adoration and more recently Inexorable.

The story will be told from the point of view of a young policeman, played by Anthony Bajon (Teddy, Au Nom de la terre). “It is first of all a cinema film, an investigative film, freely – and I really insist on this point – inspired by a case that personally traumatized me, and all its dysfunctions”, continues Fabrice du Welz in Première.

“It must be said that the Dutroux affair is not a news item but a real state affair, which almost caused Belgium to implode. And so I am simply trying to put myself in the eyes of a young policeman of 25, who finds himself face to face with Evil.

I am delighted with this collaboration with Anthony Bajon, who is a great actor. His character goes through all the metamorphoses, and it could be a big step for him and for me. We will judge on parts.”

The filming of Maldoror should begin this fall.

Remember that Benoît Poelvoorde has already played a very dark character in Entre ses mains for Anne Fontaine, and in the mode of very acid comedy in the film which has become cult It happened near you, black comedy which celebrates the 30th anniversary of its release this year (currently available on Prime Video and OCS, on VOD and DVD).

The actor had also been announced a few years ago in the role of a serial killer in a Bertrand Blier project, which ultimately never saw the light of day.

Finally, note that the Belgian series Ennemi Public, broadcast on TF1 in 2017, had also approached this criminal case by drawing inspiration from it freely.

The trailer for Inexorable by Fabrice du Welz, currently in theaters


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