Blanche Gardin, Jacques Weber, Bruno Solo… They will block Marine Le Pen with bad grace


Comedians, actors, directors, writers who voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round, have many doubts for the second. For many, on April 24, they have the choice between plague and cholera.

They will never vote for Marine Le Pen. But for some artists choosing between the leader of the National Rally and Emmanuel Macron is a bit like having to choose between the plague and cholera. Since the results of the first round, a large number of writers, actors, comedians and filmmakers as famous and popular as Blanche Gardin, Jacques Weber, Bruno Solo, Romane Bohringer, Pierre Lemaître, Xavier Beauvois, Princess Erika. .. expressed their dismay at the second Macron-Le Pen duel in the political history of the Fifth Republic.

The actor Jacques Weber, who did not hide that he granted his vote to Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first, summarized the dilemma which will stand up to him on Sunday April 24 to our colleagues from Parisian : “ I am deeply sickened. I have fun going to pubs in the morning, I hear a lot of things and I think the vote will be extremely tight in the second round.For him the situation is comparable to what happened in 2016 during the American elections:I’m very afraid of the Clinton-Trump syndrome: we said to ourselves that Trump wouldn’t pass, that it was impossible and we saw… Macron doesn’t satisfy me at all, but the other (Marine Le Pen), it’s is madness to forget at this point his program stuffed with incredible things.»

The writer Pierre Lemaître, Prix Goncourt 2013 for goodbye up there and César 2018 for the adaptation of his book, was even more virulent than Jacques Weber. He used a metaphorical tweet to express the vain struggle of artists in the face of Marine Le Pen’s possible accession to supreme power. In his message he publishes the photo of a crying woman pinned to the ground by a CRS with this comment: “ Nurse called to block on the far right in the second round.Tweet that caused outrage and which he made disappear. Before posting this other message.

For her part, Romane Bohringer who, like Blanche Gardin, Caroline De Haas, Eva Darlan, Anny Duperey or Corinne Masiero, had called to support Jean-Luc Mélenchon, does not hide her disappointment at having seen her candidate narrowly fail in the third place, with nearly 22%, in the first round on April 10. And she chose to publish on her Instagram account the snapshot of a man lost in thought on a station platform and who sees a high-speed train passing with this sad comment: “Missing your train… Minutes away…” She did not immediately say who her vote would be on April 24. Before posting this message on Instagram which summarizes the dilemma experienced by many artists.

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