Bouillon cubes now suspect, products from two brands recalled


Law of series or systemic problem? Before being able to decide, a new health alert for a product recall was triggered by the authorities at the end of March. These are bouillon cubes of two different brands.

The first concerned is Jardin Bio etic, whose boxes of eight 9-gram broths could contain traces of mineral oils (MOH) following a packaging defect. These are known to be toxic. The batches affected were marketed between April 12 and December 3, 2021. The batch numbers are 10082022 and 221110.

The other cubes affected by the recall are those of the Auchan Pouce brand. The dehydrated beef broth x12 product from lot 0927Y1 is suspected of containing a toxic product.

Consumers are advised not to use these products and to destroy them.



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