Box office France: In the lead, the 3rd “Bon Dieu” disappoints, “Sonic 2” millionaire, big flop for Delépine and Kervern


The start of the school holidays in part of France did not translate into a surge in attendance in French cinemas. According to the figures communicated by CBO Box-Office, admissions are even down with 2.89 million tickets sold against 2.91 million a week earlier. This week, however, coincided with the release of one of the most anticipated films of the year: “What have we all done to God?”, directed by Philippe de Chauveron.

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Worst start for the saga “What the good Lord did we do?”

If this third part of the Verneuil saga with Chantal Lauby and Christian Clavier easily takes first place in the ranking with 874,683 admissions, previews included, it is the worst start of the franchise. In 2019, “What else have we done to God?” had finished its first week in front of 2.15 million moviegoers and in 2014, “What did we do to the good Lord” had been able to count on 1.68 million curious people before ending its career in apotheosis in front of more than 12 million fans. These performances had certainly been carried out before the health crisis, which seems to have permanently removed part of the public from the cinema.

Behind, “Sonic 2” becomes a millionaire and still attracts 403,586 followers of the video game franchise while the new animated film “The Bad Guys” climbs to the bottom step of the podium with nearly 260,000 admissions. The Dreamworks film can hope for renewed interest over the weeks since for the time being, only one area is on school vacation.

“Morbius” in sharp decline

In fifth place, “Morbius”, the Marvel superhero with scathing reviews, lost 57% of its admissions in one week, for a total of 576,573 tickets sold. The blockbuster “The Batman” continues its comfortable trajectory with 3 million admissions in sight. It is still the most viewed film of the year in France, ahead of “Uncharted”, which left the top 10 and found itself in 14th position with a total of 2.45 million admissions.

Latest novelty within the elite, the “At the same time” by the Groland duo Benoit Delépine and Gustave Kervern, on the misadventures of two politicians who are opposites – a film of circumstance – convinced only 70,112 pairs of eyes for his release. We are far from the performance observed for their previous opus “Erasing History”, which 256,335 spectators had discovered in its first week on the bill two years ago. If other films of the cult duo have already signed less good starts, they did not have the same exposure. Example with “Near Death Experience” in 2014 and its 17,626 people attracted in the first week, out of a total of 50 copies, against 412 here for “At the same time”.

The Top 10 of the French box office from April 6 to 12, 2022

1. “What the hell have we all done?” (923) / 874.683
2. “Sonic 2 The Movie” (675) / 403,586 / 1,152,958
3. “The Bad Guys” (598) / 259,472
4. “In body” (463) / 254.871 / 587.842
5. “Morbius” (671) / 172.725 / 576.573
6. “The Batman” (452) / 93.306 / 2.907.252
7. “At the Same Time” (412) / 70.112
8. “Notre Dame Is Burning” (782)/69.163/728.984
9. “The Brigade” (562) / 59.567 / 328.030
10. “The Time of Secrets” (808) / 57.132 / 375.862

“Film” (Number of screens) / Admissions of the week / Total admissions
Movies released this week

* CBO Box office figures


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