Champions League football – Madrid and the referee, a scandal after the match?


If he did not dispute the qualification of Real Madrid for the last four of the Champions League, the Chelsea coach was terribly angry with the referee of the meeting whom he considered indecent.

After their defeat at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea were not given much chance of continuing their journey in the Champions League. But yet the title holder did not go far from a huge feat at Santiago-Bernabeu since a few minutes from the end of the match, the English club was still leading 0-3 and was virtually qualified. We know the rest, and finally Karim Benzema scored the goal in extra time that sent Real Madrid to the semi-finals. Among the facts of the game that raised the temperature, there was obviously the goal denied to Marco Alonso, author of a hand before scoring. Twitter specialists competed in knowledge of the arbitration rules on this valid or invalid goal, which in any case was refused after using the VAR. Obviously this decision did not make everyone happy, many being those who remember that in Spain some people nicknamed Florentino Perez’s club “Real Vardrid”. After the match, Thomas Tuchel was furious with the Polish referee, not only for this disallowed goal, but for all of his work.

The referee laughs with Ancelotti, Tuchel turns him on live

Faced with the press, the German coach of Chelsea, warned by Szymon Marciniak during extra time, spat his venom. ” When I wanted to go say hello to the referee after the end of the match, he was laughing and having fun with Carlo Ancelotti. I think now is the wrong time to do that, after 126 minutes in which a team gave their all. When you see the referee laughing with the coach opposite, the moment is not ideal and I told him (…) It is not today, but when you play against the Real Madrid, maybe you don’t expect everyone to be brave. I already felt small decisions in the first leg and there too. I have not seen the action of the goal denied to Marcos Alonso, but I am very disappointed that the referee did not leave the field to go and see the images. You must remain the boss and not delegate the final decision to someone who is isolated and sitting in an armchair. “Launched Thomas Tuchel in reference to the canceled goal at Chelsea.

This Wednesday, if the English press is rather sorry for the elimination of the reigning European champion, the tabloids do not do too much on the arbitration, preferring to headline on the cruel scenario for the London club. And while PSG supporters point out that after the goal awarded to Karim Benzema following the ball of Gianluigi Donnarumma this kind of debate on the pro-Madrid favoritism of the referees had taken place, the Catalan media fire, them, cannonballs red on Szymon Marciniak, Sport going even to qualify the canceled goal at Marcos as “ scandal “. Enough to fuel criticism of two-speed refereeing in European competitions and in La Liga, even if it was not the Polish referee who scored Real Madrid’s goals, whether at Stamford Bridge or Santiago Bernabeu .


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