Chinese horoscope for Friday April 8, 2022


When it comes to money and work, now is a good time to start a project. that is close to your heart. However, remain discreet about its nature. Some malicious people might try to take it or make it fail. On the love side, you could consider investing yourself seriously in a relationship that tended to vegetate. This attitude, although daring, will not fail to find its reciprocity in the person concerned. Regarding health, if you want to get rid of unsightly curves, only one solution: play sports! But go gradually. In terms of mood, day without a hitch.

Our advice for your day: if you want to get a makeover, go for it in small steps. No need to mess everything up.

On the money and work side, you will have to reorient your professional life, to look into new projects. A new path may be available to you, it will probably be time to consider training. Your budget is not very stable and you will have to avoid making big expenses. In terms of health, your morale is down and you are nervous. You are dissatisfied in many areas and your anxiety pushes you to somatize. You might have stomach cramps or headaches unless it’s a flare-up of eczema. On the side of love, single, do not hesitate to think outside the box. If you stay in your comfort zone you won’t meet many people. As a couple, don’t get bogged down in routine. Be inventive and try new experiences without rushing your partner. Mood-wise, a very ordinary day.

Our advice for your day: do not seek the advice of your loved ones if you get upset when they give it to you.

In terms of love, you might feel a certain vagueness in your soul. But the emotional climate will quickly give you back the joy of living. The natives in couple will savor privileged moments. About the mood, you ask yourself a lot of questions. In terms of money and work, major projects, philosophical aspirations occupy you. You are tormented but your great ambitions will eventually come to fruition. On the health side, you will lack a bit of energy.

Our advice for your day: consider recycling your used batteries or bulbs. Don’t throw them in the trash.

On the health side, be aware of your limits. You can’t do everything. You need to be more responsible for your body. When it comes to money and work, some co-workers might try to get in the way of you. Be very vigilant. Establish a dialogue before the situation escalates. You don’t always have the right words to express your demands and you will be made to pay. In terms of love, you will find it easy to criticize today, which will not really facilitate relations with your family circle. Show some tact if you really want to say something, otherwise wait until you’re in a better mood. On the mood side, the atmosphere will be tense.

Our advice for your day: a nice hot bath would help you relax physically and mentally. It only takes a quarter of an hour!

Regarding health, a lack of sleep could be felt. Migraines to be expected. Regarding the mood, possible surprises! As far as money and work are concerned, you will show a lack of modesty which will not please everyone, even if your professional qualities are unanimously recognized. A little questioning becomes necessary. Speaking of love, you might be seduced by the wit and humor of someone around you whom you hadn’t noticed before. You may have choices to make between love and friendship. It’s never very easy.

Our advice of the day: your self-confidence is a driving force that must not turn into arrogance.

On the love side, let your thoughts mature before talking to your partner. He may not understand what you expect of him or maybe even misunderstand your expectations. Single, you are looking for true love but no one finds favor in your eyes! Not everyone is entitled to love at first sight. If you like someone, give them a chance. In terms of money and work, in the professional field, your observations will help you take the necessary distance from a recurring problem. You will realize that you will not be able to overcome it alone. Teamwork, which you usually don’t like very much, will suddenly seem essential to you. About health, fatigue will be felt. The pace of this day will be hectic and you will feel the need to relax at the end of the day. You may be suffering from headaches. It will be necessary to evacuate the nervous tension. About mood, no rush!

Our advice of the day: take an interest in essential oils or aromatherapy. It is useful for small sores.

In terms of mood, you can’t have everything! In terms of health, clear your mind by giving yourself a few days of vacation even if you can’t go far. The change of pace will do you good. In relation to money and work, you may have some clashes with certain colleagues. Don’t worry, these little tensions will quickly disappear when it comes to working as a team again. On the love side, you will restore balance in your emotional life. You will easily compromise and be open to dialogue. Take the opportunity to be more attentive to the members of your household, they will appreciate your attitude.

Our advice of the day: take a walk in the fresh air, especially if you have a sedentary job behind a desk.

On the love side, you will be under the spell of differences and will be ready to discover other ways of thinking. You will be particularly open to other cultures. About money and work, your power of concentration will facilitate your work. Your critical mind will serve you well. It will allow you to save time by making fair and quick judgments. Health level, good physical resistance. Mood level, your horizon widens.

Our advice of the day: stop looking for excuses to avoid resuming physical activity. You need it.

About health, you show great nervousness. In terms of money and work, you will have to keep a cool head. You are too emotional to judge the situation with lucidity. Don’t let yourself be polluted with stories that don’t directly concern you. When it comes to mood, keep things in mind. On the side of love, you have a feeling of isolation, of rejection, which is not very objective. Be yourself without fear of being judged. You will feel freer and more relaxed.

Our advice for your day: move a piece of furniture or two in your living room and you’ll feel like you’ve changed everything.

About love, animation will be at the rendezvous in your married life. You will be full of passion and your passionate character could bring you as many joys as prospects for disputes. In relation to money and work, this is the ideal time to make new contacts. Don’t close yourself to foreign opportunities, this could be a crucial asset for the months to come. On the health side, good vitality, but a little too much nervousness. Mood level, well-paced day.

Our advice of the day: sit down on your sofa for a few minutes and you will realize that this does not happen to you often at the moment.

On the health side, it’s in great shape! Your immune defenses are good and you are not lacking in vitality. Don’t try to push your limits. When it comes to money and work, you’ll be perfectly right to stick to what you’ve recently said. You know what you want and how to get it, however this should not prevent you from showing a minimum of tact with your professional entourage. About love, you are confident in the feelings of your partner, you get closer to the one who shares your life. As a family, your sudden changes in mood will not facilitate harmony. Single, the planets will finally favor your loves. Mood level, fairly serene day.

Our advice of the day: you need dynamism: wear tonic colors, avoid pastel colors.

Speaking of love, you dream of taking your partner on a romantic and impromptu getaway! The idea would be welcomed but it will be for later, the current circumstances are not favorable to it. You will have to bite your brakes. In relation to money and work, you wait for the green light from your superiors to undertake new projects. You might get it soon. On the health side, a little too much nervousness. In terms of mood, patience is essential.

Our advice for your day: do not resist your desire for change! You are on the right track, trust yourself.

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