Christophe Dechavanne upset by Josée Dayan, who takes it up strongly in C à vous


This Thursday, April 7, in It’s up to you, tempers got a little heated between Josée Dayan and Christophe Dechavanne. The director took over the host several times, who ended up getting offended.

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On April 1, Captain Marleau returned to service on France 2 for a new series of unpublished once again rich in guest stars, the signature of the detective fiction created by Josée Dayan. And, after the duo Elie Semoun and Gérard Darmon last week, it is Christophe Dechavanne who gives the reply to Corinne Masiero in the episode of this Friday, April 8. The animator embodies a policeman, the chief sergeant William Perrin, who assists the famous policeman in the chapka in his investigation. A dream come true for the ex troublemaker of television who, at 64, would like to embark on an acting career. But a dream that has not always been easy, the beginner actor having sometimes been disputed by his director during the filming.

“It’s totally false”

While Christophe Dechavanne and Josée Dayan were invited on the set of It’s up to you this Thursday, April 7, the host wanted to come back to the little quirks of his director. What did not please the latter at all. “I was not warned, but if you want a second take, you have to say it within 5 seconds“, thus begins Christophe Dechavanne. But Josée Dayan interrupts him immediately and launches: “He says nonsense. It’s not true!” At the time, this makes the former accomplice of Patrice Carmouze smile. He even shouts at the director to get her to admit it’s true: “Josée!”. Adding, hand on heart: “And I say that with so much love.” But Josée Dayan is not amused at all. “It’s not true! It’s wrong !”, she retorts firmly, before saying to him: “Listen, honestly, tenderness is indifferent to me”. And to affirm loud and clear: “That’s totally false. Me, I want people to say what they want about me when it’s true“.

“Okay, I’m shutting up”

Seeing that he has blundered, the presenter loses his good humor and tries to defend himself, explaining sheepishly: “It’s not mean”. But the creator of Captain Marleaa repeats it again: “It’s not mean, but it’s not true!” She then explains that indeed, she likes to do only one or two takes on a shoot, but that if her actors ask to redo a scene, she accepts without problem. A few minutes later, tempers flare again when Christophe Dechavanne tries to compliment the director. “She looks like nothing but she sees very quickly…” he begins, before being once again interrupted by his interlocutor. “She looks like nothing! This guy is amazing”, retorts a little outraged the filmmaker. Annoyed, the actor protests as best he can then, seeing that his words continue to be misinterpreted, he launches, annoyed: “Well, okay, I’m not saying anything. I’m shutting my mouth”.


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