Crazy laughter from Cyril Hanouna in the face of the obscene flattery of the chroniclers of “Touche pas à mon poste!”


VIDEO – The debate devoted to “contempt for journalists from BFMTV and “Quotidien” against “Face à Baba”” Wednesday evening on C8 took a very unexpected turn.

A few years ago in “Touche pas à mon poste!”, Jean-Luc Lemoine had fun in his column “Les questions en 4/3” to establish a ranking of the columnists who lick Cyril Hanouna the most in the media. The comedian took excerpts from interviews and presented them, like the Top 50, in what he called the “Palmalèche”. Wednesday evening in the C8 talk show, the debate of the “Doss of the day” devoted to the “contempt of journalists against “Face à Baba”” went from serious criticism to excess of generosity towards the work carried out by Cyril Hanouna .

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The theme of the discussion revolved around the inaccurate qualification of “entertainment” attributed by Julien Bellver in “Quotidien” on TMC and by Benjamin Duhamel on BFMTV to the program “Face à Baba”. “In France, there is a contempt for entertaining talk shows. When you look at the political debate today, the only debate that could have taken place is still “Face à Baba”. I’m sorry, I’m not sucking you off…”, said Nicolas Pernikoff at first to Cyril Hanouna. A few minutes later, Guillaume Genton relaunched the gravelly flatteries in complete transparency. “Can I suck you off?”, he quipped before complimenting the work done by his boss in recent months in the political register, whether in “Touche pas à mon poste!” as in “Facing Baba”. “In addition to being an exceptional animator, you are a genius producer”he had fun pointing out.

“You will have to tell Benjamin Duhamel that we are not in “Face à Baba” but in “TPMP””

Raymond Aabou

“There’s no reason why I can’t suck you a little bit”
continued Danielle Moreau with a smile. “Okay but in moderation”replied a hilarious Cyril Hanouna. “You reach an audience of young people who will be interested in politics thanks to you and who will perhaps have the curiosity to watch more traditional programs on other channels. […] Did it do you any good?”launched the former journalist of “Télématin”. “I never asked you but can I suck it myself?”followed Gilles Verdez. “The only thing I ask of you is not all at the same time, line up like everyone else”retorted the host of “TPMP”.

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While she had begun to give her opinion at the start of the debate and to generously compliment the work of Cyril Hanouna, Delphine Wespiser raised her hand to speak again. “Yes Delphine, what is it for?”then asked the person concerned. “It’s to finish sucking you off actually, because I wasn’t done”replied the former Miss France in general laughter. “She likes a job well done”underlined Valérie Bénaïm. “We will have to tell Benjamin Duhamel that we are not in “Face à Baba” but in “TPMP””added Raymond Aabou. “He will wonder what is this show where everyone sucks!”concluded Cyril Hanouna in this totally crazy sequence (see below from the 13th minute).



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