Cyril Féraud in mourning, his overwhelming message, great sadness!


Cyril Féraud announced a tragic death on Instagram this Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The host expressed his pain in a poignant message.

To boost the morale of these children, the star of France 3 Cyril Féraud and the production team of Slam regularly offer them stuffed animals from their viewers. Despite its efforts to make children smile again, cancer is sometimes stronger than anything.

Cyril Féraud therefore informed his subscribers that one of the little girls he sponsored unfortunately succumbed to his cancer. Huge sadness. Little Livia has joined the stars, he painfully wrote on Instagram.

She was the first little girl to receive one of the Marguerite soft toys sent by Slam viewers and distributed for Christmas thanks to the association Les Lutins du Phoenix to sick children fighting against cancer.

Our thoughts and strength are with his family and all the children (and adults) who are battling this fucking cancer. Bon voyage, little Livia.

To accompany this bereaved message, the host posted a photo of the adorable little girl the day she received cow stuffed animals from Slam fans.

Touched by this terrible news, the star of the show shared his pain: Sincere condolences to you Cyril and the family. It’s too unfair and too sad. One more angel, may Livia rest in peace. Condolences and courage to his family, we are wholeheartedly with them, can we read in the comments.

Cyril Féraud’s father also died of cancer in June 2019.

Cyril Féraud knows cancer well. His father died of it in June 2019. It is a terrible ordeal that I did not think I would live so young, had lamented the 37-year-old host with our colleagues from Télé Poche in March 2020.

The loss of my father just made me realize how cruel life is. It transformed me. I know that time is precious and that building a family is as important as having a successful professional life, he added.

Cyril Féraud: his touching secrets about his grandmother after the death of his father

Cyril Féraud is thrilled: his grandmother is one of his biggest fans. She is also looking forward to her prime-time show, Le Grand Concours des regions, this Friday, March 18: who will be the best folk ball in France? The animator is indeed very close to his grandmother.

Cyril Féraud knows how important the family is. It is moreover with his programs on public service that he tries to bring together all generations of television.

Whether with Slam, The Treasure Map or his parody role in Fort Boyard, the 37-year-old host seduces all generations. It’s a victory for him, who has often been the victim of his image as the darling of grannies and who can now rejoice in reaching a younger audience.

This Friday, March 18, the host will be at the helm of a new edition of the Grand Concours des regions: what will be the best folk ball in France? A prime time show in which ten groups will perform in front of a jury made up of Mareva Galanter, Vincent Niclo, Laurent Luyat and Caroline Margeridon, the famous buyer of the Deal. Even though this show may seem corny, it has upset him.

Cyril Féraud very attached to the family

These troops have very strong stories. Some were created by the great-grandparents of the dancers, he explains to TV Mag. But what moved me the most was seeing children, teenagers, adults, grandparents and great-grandparents on the same stage. We live in a world where, finally, we communicate less and less, we all have our heads in our phones.

When do you sit across from your grandfather or grandmother? When are they made to talk about their childhood memories? When do we have exchanges on the roots, the origins? It almost doesn’t happen anymore. Cyril Féraud is all the more affected as he is still very close to his grandmother. A relationship that took on even more importance after the death of his father.

Cyril Feraud

The fusion of Cyril Féraud with his grandmother

I’m lucky to still have my grandmother, who looks forward to this show. My personal story is that I still have my grandmother but I lost my father. So there you go, I know how important it is to be together. Any event that can bring a family together and bond is super important, he explained.

In 2019, Cyril Féraud was bereaved by the death of his father, Michel. The latter lost his battle against cancer when he was 65 years old. He was able to count on his son to accompany him until his last breath. It was a particularly difficult moment for the animator.


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