despite an alert in the United Kingdom, Ferrero had not recalled its chocolates


published on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 07:45

According to information from the NGO Foodwatch, confirmed by Le Parisien, the British authorities had alerted Ferrero to the possible presence of salmonella in its Kinders. However, the brand then waited 12 days before recalling its chocolates.

A new revelation adds to the scandal surrounding Ferrero. The brand has withdrawn several Kinders that contained salmonella, a bacterium that causes gastroenteritis. Some products have had time to contaminate several of the brand’s customers. Wednesday, April 13, Le Parisien confirms information from the NGO Foodwatch: a first alert had been launched in the United Kingdom concerning the presence of this element in chocolates.

Already, in a press release, Ferrero acknowledged having detected the bacterium in its factory in Arlon (Belgium) on December 15, 2021. This time, Foodwatch reveals that the brand was alerted to this subject by the British authorities on March 23. However, she waited ten additional days before recalling potentially contaminated Kinders in the United Kingdom and twelve days in France.

Why this silence ?

Ferrero explains to the Parisian that she discovered that this concern was linked to “a filter at the outlet of two raw material tanks”. It ensures that the finished products have been “blocked” and therefore not delivered. “The factory has replaced its filter and increased controls”adds the group.

Asked about the time it took before sounding the alarm in France, Ferrero justifies it based on the legislation: as its factory is in Belgium and not in France, nothing legally obliged it to alert the French authorities. .

Other contaminated products not recalled in France?

Le Parisien also relays another source of concern. Foodwatch reports that in Germany, unlike France, the withdrawal of certain potentially contaminated products also concerns products from last Christmas. For its part, Ferrero ensures that it is not possible to buy because “the codes have been blocked at the checkout”. But if some French households already have them at home, “in this case, they should not be eaten”says the group.

Due to this scandal, the factory in Arlon was closed. In France, there were 21 contaminations with salmonella and among these victims, 8 were hospitalized.


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