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Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: top 10 market values ​​of the Greens

“Because we had titled our section “So, when do we attack” after the team’s lack of momentum against OM, we could have continued with “So, when do we defend? after the shipwreck in Lorient. Six goals conceded by ASSE, we have to go back to the spring of 1984 to find such a rout. It was in Bordeaux and Gérard Simonian, special correspondent for La Tribune-Le Progrès, refused to rate the players, believing that they had not done the job, he had no reason to do more.

Perhaps Pascal Dupraz could have resumed the formula on Friday and punched. The day before a visionary colleague had asked him if the time for cuddle therapy had not reached its limits. The answer came from the field. To break with the Puel method, held responsible for everything since he was by his title of general manager and member of the Management Board, Dupraz was chosen for his sense of interpersonal skills and communication. But not too much is needed in this sense either.

Let’s stop with the Dupraz daddy and the big brothers

We have trouble with the speech of a Boudebouz, 32-year-old player, professional for thirteen seasons, describing his new coach “a bit like a dad for everyone”. And let’s stop adding to the good atmosphere that reigns in the group, the understanding between young and old, the role of big brothers of the latter. We can believe in the victories, not when a team drags itself from the twentieth to the eighteenth place. Or else there is something wrong, muffled rants, or even just beatings, and we are not talking here about those given by Camara, inexcusable but whom his coach excuses. Another surprising hiatus.

The Breton cardboard box has perhaps finally brought a bit of lucidity. If we are to believe the locker room doors of the Moustoir stadium, Boudebouz broke the care bear codes by raising his voice after the match. He should also up the pace on the pitch, but he’s not the only one. There are too many intermittents in this team, too many shortcomings among players who have not yet realized their lack of talent. One day, it’s the attack or pseudo attack with Nordin and Bouanga. Another time it’s defense with Kolodziejczak promoted to captain, moved down a drafty hallway. Or Mangala so important in the group according to Dupraz, but so little on the ground in the eyes of observers. The cards that fall only reflect his difficulties that Sacko’s speed and placement partly hid.

Khazri singled out but culprits were on the pitch

Evoking the suspensions of the first and the injury of the second reinforced the questions about recruitment. Crivelli, whose first name Dupraz likes to ring, risks being a new fiasco. His coach dreamed of hearing the kops chanting Enzo-Enzo. Failed, like this transfer window during which we zapped priorities, with the arrival of a goalkeeper when we were hoping for a center forward. Green would have hurt traffic more than Bernardoni in Lorient in the middle of the Boulevards de la Défense?

Whose fault is it? Yesterday, we pointed out David Wantier, then it was Buisine and today Loïc Perrin, assigned to a role of lightning rod which reminds us above all that the black clouds come from higher up. So, we are going to shout in the stadium with “Resignation management” without illusions, with the fear that it is the players who resign. Unless Papa Dupraz calls them to order, at least morally. He did it with Khazri. But he was absent. The real culprits were on the ground in Lorient. Present. Well, if you want…”

Didier Bigard’s chronicle

Appalled by the attitude of the Greens in Lorient (2-6), Didier Bigard wonders about the right strategy to follow and the scale of responsibilities at ASSE currently. The former great pen of Progress is more and more cautious about Pascal Dupraz’s calinotherapy strategy.


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