Diego Simeone settles accounts with Pep Guardiola and Manchester City


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A game under high tension. Last night, the match between Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City smelled of powder. During the first leg already, the climate had been tense between the two formations on the ground but also in the press room. Indeed, Pep Guardiola had criticized Colchoneros’ style of play after a tasteless 1-0 victory. Diego Simeone had not picked up, preferring to concentrate on the return leg. On Wednesday, the two heavyweights therefore met at the Wanda Metropolitano in the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League. They left in a draw (0-0).

Simeone is proud of his team

All in an electric atmosphere since the fights multiplied on the ground then in the corridor leading to the locker rooms. The police even had to intervene. A terrible evening on which Diego Simeone returned to a press conference. Despite the elimination, the Argentinian is proud of his troops. “I am very disappointed because we are eliminated, and I always want to win, no matter how. Because victories are celebrated, and that is the most important thing in football. As with everything in life, I have priorities. My top priority is to win. And then it’s being proud of what my team produces. I am proud of this Atlético team, because they are fighting.”.

He added : “We have our way of playing, good or bad, but we fight. Football has many facets, I’m not going to judge the opponent’s way of playing. We played with our weapons, against what is possibly the best team in the world. I am not happy at all to have been eliminated, but I am calm, because I know that the old ones, the Luis Aragonés, those who left during the pandemic, will have seen this (Wednesday) evening a team compete. And it’s very difficult to achieve that.” A response to Pep Guardiola’s criticism in the first leg. Yesterday, El Cholo also provoked the Manchester City bench with ironic applause.

The Argentinian tackles Guardiola

The Argentine denied after the game. “I didn’t go to Pep’s bench. I applauded the people who appreciated the team’s effort. People were very involved.. On the other hand, he threw a big spade at Guardiola with his particular style. “I have no reason to give an opinion or to say if someone is speaking badly or well. Highly intelligent people with a large lexicon can, with laudatory words, despise you. We, who have less lexicon, are not so stupid”. The Colchoneros coach then returned to the arbitration and the expulsion of Felipe, which was the starting point of a big fight.

“I was so far away that I don’t know what happened. The ref told me he stepped on him. I did not see anything”. Same thing for the fight in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms. “I have not seen it. I stayed with the players who were applauding people, receiving their support and when I went up the stairs, there was no one there.. The Argentine coach was then invited to discuss the case of Savic, who pulled Jack Grealish’s hair. “I always believe that justice comes from those who must apply it and these are the arbiters. I also believe that there is a penalty against Correa which should have been reviewed.. Finally, he spoke about City’s loss of playing time. “Nothing to say. There is a referee to impose the rules. We must congratulate the rival, who fairly won the draw because he scored one goal more than us.concluded a bitter Diego Simeone.


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