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Netflix has several advantages, such as the ability to skip credits or recommendations. Indeed, other little-known tips make it easier to use the platform while even allowing you to enjoy it without being connected. Read the guide!

Customize subtitles

Plus the choice of language, Netflix also offers several variants of subtitle display. Indeed, it is therefore possible to change the color of the text, and to put a colored background to make them stand out.

Also, for better reading comfort… It is possible to change the font size. Subtitle options can be changed in account settings.

Netflix: Disable Autoplay Next Episode

Netflix: Disable Autoplay Next Episode

Basically, once you finish one episode, Netflix automatically plays the next one. However, this option can be changed in the playback settings. So, if this option bothers you, you can then turn off the automatic launch of episodes.

Delete the history of films/series/documentaries.. watched

Delete the history of films/series/documentaries.. watched

To bring you programs similar to those you’ve already watched, Netflix keeps track of your viewing history. Indeed, each time you launch a film or a series, even when you give up along the way. These appear in your history and are therefore likely to be displayed from the opening page of the service.

So to delete films and series from your history… Log in to your personal account from a browser and go to the Your account function (at the top, right of the screen). Next, head to the section named My Profile, and select your profile and click on History.

From now on, using the small cross to the right of Report a problem…. You can then delete all the programs you have watched one by one. Once an episode is deleted from the list, you also have the option of deleting the entire associated season.

Disable trailer playback

Disable trailer playback

When looking for a series, a film or a documentary… Netflix can automatically launch a preview to make you want to watch.

Moreover, in the playback settings accessible in the service menu, it is therefore possible to uncheck this option.

Netflix: download and watch programs in “Offline” mode

Netflix: download and watch programs in “Offline” mode

Indeed, not having the Internet prevents you from enjoying Netflix. This is because of a bad connection or during a trip or for another reason…

However, without being connected, it is therefore possible to watch some of the content on a smartphone or tablet. To do this, simply go to the Netflix menu, select “Downloads” and make your choice. The app will download the content to your device and then you can watch it wherever and whenever you want.

How do I suggest movies and series to Netflix?

Although the Netflix catalog is well supplied… There may be a program missing that you would like to see or watch again. The platform then offers you the means to suggest at least 3 programs.

Go to this page: Then, enter one, two or three movie or series titles that you would like to find on the SVOD site. And press the Submit a suggestion button.


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