“Do you have any other nuggets like this?”… this powerful film is thrilling subscribers


Released on April 6 on Netflix, the Polish film Furioza has met with great success on the streaming platform. Violent and reserved for an informed public, find out what Internet users thought of Cyprian T. Olencki’s project.

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To constantly remain competitive, Netflix must enrich its catalog of new films and new series every day. On April 6, a Polish feature film was a great success with viewers, two years later. 365 days, another Polish feature film broadcast on Netflix, with a sequel coming soon. On the menu for this action thriller? Scenes of uncompromising violence and characters passionate about bloodbaths. We put an end to the suspense now: we are obviously referring to Furiozaa thriller by Cyprien T. Olencki, unveiled in Polish cinemas on October 18, 2021. The plot particularly follows a man who infiltrates a gang of hooligans, at the request of his ex-police girlfriend whose brother faces a heavy prison sentence. To fit into this dangerous band, he will be forced to participate in bloody killings. So what did fans of Furioza ? Here is the opinion of Internet users.

“It clearly deserves its second place on Netflix”, “He’s just awesome”Netflix subscribers literally convinced by Furioza

All you have to do is take a look on Twitter to see what viewers really think of a film or series. For Furioza, it’s a full box. The opinions of Internet users are mostly positive: the Polish action thriller is totally validated by Netflix subscribers. “Congratulations to the Poles for FURIOZA AMAZING THANK YOU NETFLIX QUALITY”, “WOW HER MOTHER THERE IS 1 HOOLIGAN FILM WHICH WAS RELEASED ON NETFLIX!!! FURIOZA, 2H20 OF BLOODY FIGHT!!! AND IN ADDITION IT’S 1 POLISH FILM!!!!! I’M TOO HYPE OF BIG RENDEZVOUS YOU IN THE FOREST!!!!”, “Watch all Furioza on Netflix it’s just GREAT!”, “Furioza is a beast of a movie”, “The Furioza movie on Netflix is ​​really really good, watch it!”can we read on both sides.

Furioza on Netflix please everyone?

As Abirbhab Maitra, who wrote for Ready Steady Cut, explains, Furioza addresses themes that can appeal to all audienceshowever the violence of certain scenes can offend the sensitivity from some : “Furioza is a dark film. Dark and brutal. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Themes of family, brotherhood and morality resonate in the background, even with its superficial treatment. that’s why you have to appreciate it.” As a reminder, Furioza is inspired by Polish news and the history of real cases of football hooliganism within the country, but is not based on a true story.

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