Dounia Coesens (PBLV) unrecognizable, what really happened to her?


Dounia Coesens certainly amused and amazed her community. In front of the camera, she appeared alongside actress Elodie Varlet.

According to the latest news, the cult series of the third channel could soon end. Thus, the producers would have released the heavy artillery to close the program in style. Indeed, former emblematic characters of fiction should sign their big return to Marseille.

Like Rudy Tores, his interpreter Ambroise Michel has also made some confidences on this subject in the program Chez Jordan.

Great reunion in Marseille

We’ve been talking about it for a while, he explained to the famous journalist, not for a real comeback, but rather for a wink. Since people liked this character a lot, I think they would like to see him come back. For a long time I had put that on the back burner, but now it would really be for the viewers.

But he is not the only one to be part of the cast to shoot a very special episode. Indeed, Aurélie Vaneck (Ninon Chaumette), Coline d’Inca (Sybille) or Dounia Coesens should be part of it. This Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the interpreter of Johanna Marci again fed her Instagram story.

Dounia Coesens PBLV

The opportunity for her to reveal behind-the-scenes images of the series. In a sequence, the artist is also immortalized alongside Elodie Varlet (Estelle Cantorel) with an intriguing filter. Facing the camera, the two actresses appear with XXL lips and ultra smoky eye makeup. What we like above all is the natural, without filter, declared the darling Jérémie Poppe. A hilarious publication that is worth the detour!

Dounia Coesens played on one foot in the second episode of “Le doc et le véto”.

The companion of Michel Cymes fractured a foot the day before the filming of the second part, soon to be broadcast on France 3. The daughter of the producer played his understudy on certain plans.
This Sunday, April 10, on the big screen, fans of “The Doctor and the Veterinarian” will find a duo that had sparked and had a good audience during the broadcast on France 3, March 9, 2021, of the first part of rural adventures a general practitioner (Dounia Coesens, ex Plus belle la vie) who came to perform a replacement in the heart of Auvergne, sharing the same practice as a veterinarian (Michel Cymes).

What the spectators will not see, on the other hand, is the plaster which imprisoned one of the feet of Dounia Coesens! Last mid-August, the head already at the filming planned in Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise (Puy-de-Dôme), the one who embodies Johanna Marci in “More beautiful life” fell on the stairs of her building. Crack! Two fractured metatarsals and the immediate anguish of putting the shoot in danger. In such a case, there are only three options, lists Christian Gerin, the producer of this fiction, who lives in Mornac-sur-Seudre, near Royan. We replace the actress, we postpone the shooting or we compose.

Dounia Coesens

On the very eve of a shoot mobilizing several dozen technicians, a postponement was almost unthinkable. Replacing Dounia Coesens was just as unthinkable. The first part had achieved a very good audience, 5.1 million viewers. Option 3, therefore: the director Thierry Binisti has dealt with the inability of the actress to move. “Fortunately, my daughter Gabrielle, a producer with me, has the same morphology. She therefore played Dounia’s understudy, when she had to run, in a scene, or when she crosses a room to go for a coffee. »

My daughter Gabrielle has the same morphology, she played Dounia’s understudy.

Dounia Coesens even revealed a few months ago that her lining appeared from the front, but from afar, in a scene. The actress challenges viewers to spot the scene in question. Answer this Sunday for those who will discover “Leave, come back” before the time and in a few weeks on France 3.


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