Dream couple or Belgian brothers, who has the best assets to win the final?


It’s a France – Belgium match, which will be featured in the final of Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle broadcast Thursday, from 9:05 p.m., on M6. On one side, Fanny and Jérémy, the “dream couple” from Lyon. On the other, Lucas and Nicolas, the “Belgian brothers” of Malmedy. If the latter have chained victories throughout this season, the lovers dream of outdoing them in the home straight. And, as previous editions have proven: in the final of the La Six adventure game, anything can happen… While waiting to discover the outcome, 20 minutes reviews the strengths and weaknesses of each pair.

Fanny and Jérémy, “the dream couple”

Strong point, luck. Is it because he gives the impression of having his head in the clouds that this pair has found his lucky star? Still, with two out of three black envelopes collected in the semi-finals, the couple felt the ax of elimination graze their backpacks – it was finally Tarik and Ahmed who drew the elimination ballot. Luck therefore seems to be on the side of Jérémy and Fanny who, at the start of the adventure, were not necessarily the duo that we would have imagined in the final. If they have never won a stage, the lovers have won in two immunity games. The final, to which they present themselves with two amulets (20,000 euros), is the occasion where ever for them to thwart the statistics and, that, it is a sacred motivation. Their dream could well come true.

Weakness, sourness. Having seum is not a Belgian specificity. And that, Jérémy and Fanny have demonstrated it well during the last episodes by making it known that they were stung by the performances of Lucas and Nicolas. The couple was on the verge of saying that the Belgian brothers were winning on purpose to make them lose. It’s a blow to leave Dubai – where the final takes place – empty-handed, but with an ulcer. To put it more seriously, Jérémy and Fanny have an interest in tackling this final stretch by concentrating their energy on their race and not encumbering themselves with useless resentment which could affect their minds and drain their batteries.

Lucas and Nicolas, the “Belgian brothers”

Strong point, their track record. Let’s not beat around the bush: the brothers are impressive and, so far, they have flown over the competition. In nine bouts, they won six stages, as well as two of the three races in the semi-final. They were also immunized three times and they never finished worse than second. At the start of the adventure, they got their hands on the express pass, a joker that allows the pair possessing it to protect themselves from a final duel… Lucas and Nicolas didn’t even need to draw it. The eight amulets – for a total amount of 80,000 euros – with which they present themselves on the starting line of the final, they owe them only to the sweat of their brow.

Weak point, the risk of pressure. Beware of the feeling of omnipotence. The Belgian brothers have, unlike Jérémy and Fanny, never come close to elimination. However, having known the stress of a final duel can help to manage the pressure of a final where all the cards are reshuffled and where every second of delay on an intermediate race can – literally – cost a lot of money. It is then necessary to keep his cool as best as possible, which is not the specialty of Lucas and, above all, of the bloodthirsty Nicolas.


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