Dupraz points the finger at the attitude of the players


Pascal Dupraz spoke at length shortly after the final whistle on Prime Video. The AS Saint-Étienne coach pointed out the attitude of his players after the good start to the match. He sent a few more or less subliminal messages, calling on the group to get back to work.

Pascal Dupraz: “This shipwreck is my responsibility. The coach’s responsibility is to constantly repeat that football respects itself and that when we make a start to a match like ours, we must above all not add to it under the pretext that we are leading 2-0 after 20 minutes of play.

We have to respect the fundamentals, which we have not been able to do. Even if the reduction of the score comes very early, we have a feeling that it will happen like that. It is a collective shipwreck! I wish and I hope that the players will understand that it is important to leave ASSE in Ligue 1 to respect the game plan, to constantly put the job back on the job for 94 minutes.

I felt this shipwreck coming because we did not filter in the middle of the field, we did not frame a player. Some had suddenly decided that we had to go high when we were leading 2-0, rather than remaining compact. Ironically, we have been showing the players for a week that Lorient is a team that counters, even at home and we are only being countered. We simply feel, from there, that we are going to bend. Paul (Bernardoni) delayed the deadline in the first half. As soon as they went in the deep sense, we were beaten. It is a bankruptcy, which I deplore. I assume because it is my responsibility. In behavior, in attitudes, we thought too quickly that we were going to win 2-0. However, we have the ball for 3-2 in the second half, I would have liked us to score. But again, even if we had scored, I have the impression from the bench that it would not be enough. Both the attitudes were not in line with what we had decided.

Our players have succeeded with great merit in rejoining the pack of relegation contenders. There are seven games left, we have to find everyone and everyone make the effort! I’m sure a lot of players watching TV will understand the message I want to convey to them. Everyone has to make an effort for the collective, to get rid of their ego to leave AS Saint-Étienne in Ligue 1. This is the whole mission of the players and the staff under my responsibility. It’s a sin of pride, a conceited attitude that doesn’t befit a professional footballer. It is again my responsibility. It’s up to me to find the words with my staff, to continue to work so that the players, leading 2-0, I hope it will be renewed by the end of the season, keep the thread and above all respect the fundamentals, it’s is paramount. Through these attitudes will pass the salvation of AS Saint-Étienne.”

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