Eliminated from Koh-Lanta, Alexandra reveals what she said to Setha when she discovered her fake immunity collar


Obviously, the curse of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem above all touches the black balls used to decide between the adventurers… We think in particular of poor Stephanie, black cat of this edition during various draws and lucky during the advice played on a black ball between her and Benjamin. And surprise, this scenario happened again this Tuesday evening between alexandra and Setha, again in the yellow team. And it is the adventurer with a strong character who finally saw her torch extinguished this week. She looks back on her journey to Tele-Leisure.

“Setha just worked the pitch more than me”

Télé-Loisirs: What is the worst between being eliminated by draw and coming out at the gates of reunification?

Alexandra: Clearly leave the adventure before reunification, because I wanted to go further. It’s the sadness of not having achieved this goal, of not having done everything to get there.

Did you have a bad feeling during this fatal draw?

No not at all. I have always closed my eyes during the draws but, until then, I had not drawn any black balls. I was torn, it was a one in two chance. But when I came to this advice, I was fatalistic. I was preparing for a difficult time if I left so I was ready in my head.

This is the second elimination on the council by draw. Does that say something about your team? Is it split into two camps?

Setha who knew she didn’t have an immunity collar had asked Bastien not to vote against her. She just worked the ground more than me who thought she had one and therefore it was done. But I didn’t feel like there were two sides.

“I congratulated Setha on her fake immunity necklace”

When did you find out about Setha’s bluff regarding her supposed immunity necklace?

Once out, of course. When we saw the first episode broadcast together, even if I had had the info before, we really discovered all the trickery. And really congratulations. Even if it was a little in spite of herself, because Setha wanted to protect Céline but not make us believe that she had a fake collar. When we asked her, she just didn’t say anything… and it worked! I congratulated her.

The advice between yellows is electric, where the atmosphere seems more calm among the Reds. How do you analyze this?

There are personalities among the Yellows. I have also been criticized for being without a filter. But at least, with me, we know where we are going. Among the Reds, we see that it is being criticized … but many have discovered it on the broadcast. They pay attention and have smoother speech. We are more spontaneous with the Yellows, but it’s more risky…

We talk a lot about your trio with Olga and Hake

It’s even a quartet with Anne-Sophie. Even though she was torn with the old purples. But there was a real complicity between the four of us. I hope they will go as far as possible.

“I am in Koh-Lanta as I am in life”

Your character”ultra-authoritarian“according to Benjamin was decried in the adventure Do you understand that?

Benjamin says what others want to hear. In fact, when I presented myself as a leader, it scared everyone. But I see leadership as something benevolent, participative and constructive. I’m on the team. We go up Yannick’s suspenders because he is directive but does nothing. I am not reproached for this… Every day it was going very well. People think of me as a little chef, but that’s not what I am. My definition of the word leader does not match what 90% of people have as a definition. And then in the camp, I worked: I brought back shells, sugar cane… So things were going well with the others.

Did these criticisms, which also come from certain Internet users, affect you?

It’s never fun to be criticized on social media. We are necessarily in the analysis of ‘Is it justified or not?’ But all the people who know me and tell me that I am in Koh-Lanta as I am in life. I don’t have a character. But we are 24 at the start so we cannot see all the facets of my personality. It’s only in the last episode that we learn that I’m a mom, for example. Traits of my personality compensate for this leadership side, which I find more positive than negative in a group.

“I was myself and I lived my adventure”

The weather is very capricious this year. We see it again with a huge thunderstorm in this episode. Did it affect the mind and body?

This storm was the most difficult moment of the adventure. We still remember it with Anne-Sophie. It’s harder than hunger and lack of family. We don’t have a towel to dry off, it drains energy and motivation… We have to draw on our resources when we are already mentally and physically weakened. This cold has been horrible and I am weighing my words!

How do you view your adventure?

We are told to be ourselves when entering the adventure. I know that my personality is divisive. But it’s better not to be loved for what I am than the other way around. So I was myself and lived my adventure. It was great and I have no regrets except my departure.


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