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Discover the full and complete summary The mysteries of love season 28 episode 24 IN ADVANCE of Sunday April 17, 2022 on TMC. Fanny and Christian investigate Addy’s disappearance, but the cult and the leimotiv “may brotherhood triumph” is back. José is ready to be unfaithful to Laly by falling for a florist. Alban oscillates between Béné, Béatrice and Cathy.

Your opinions on episode 24 of season 28 the mysteries of love (LMDLA S28e24) of Sunday April 17, 2022.

Drama in sight for Fanny and Christian

Let’s go for the mysteries of love season 28 episode 24 in advance with a broadcast on Sunday, April 17, 2022. You can read the full summary of the previous episode LMDLA 28×23 in line.

Béatrice and Cathy continue to go to the gym to be coached by Alban. At the end of class, he invites the girls to dinner the next day. At the same time, Alban “dragouille” Béné in watersport.

Victor finds a photo of Béné near the watersport, Pietro observes him from a distance.

Addy is much better. She does not remember what happened before the accident. Addy no longer knows why she came to Love Island, she has memory loss.

Bob announces to Hélène that Dylan is with Gabriella in Ibiza. They left as lovers. Bob no longer recognizes his brother.

José comes to see a florist (Mégane) whom he fell in love with when she delivered the bouquet to the house…he wants to see if she still has such an effect on him. Nicolas accompanies José. The florist fell for Nicolas and not José…but the latter is ready to row.

Nicolas LMDLA

Nicolas gets closer and closer to Hélène

Laly invites Etienne to the house for a tea. Etienne tells Laly that he is a fan of her touch of madness and that he thinks of her all the time.
Laly decides to take the opportunity to bring Jeanne…she thanks him for her bouquet of flowers. Etienne is uncomfortable. Laly encourages Etienne to paint a portrait of Jeanne.


Guéant wants to protect Joyce

Etienne tells Laly that he finds Jeanne very beautiful and agreeable, but he is not in love with her. Laly nuance by saying “not yet”.

Joyce tells the police that traffickers have been blackmailing her for 4 years over her brother who is being held.

Alban has shown the first pages of his novel to his publisher and he is thrilled. Alban says that Béné allowed him to flesh out his character. Alban offers Béné to put his photo on the cover…but Olga replies on behalf of Béné that it’s not possible, it brings back bad memories. Béné wonders if it wouldn’t be a good idea to exorcise this past.


Béatrice fell for Alban…but the latter seems to have a preference for Cathy

The mysteries of love in advance of Sunday April 17, 2022: Nicolas makes a romantic gesture towards Hélène

A man tells Christian and Fanny that Addy was knocked out…but he doesn’t want to testify to the police.

Guéant has a plan, he asks Rudy to go to Georgio’s date saying that Joyce has been taken into custody for insulting a law enforcement officer. (Guéant encourages him to call him a big c**).


Brad takes care of Addy

Nicolas goes to the foundation to open red roses for Hélène. This is affected. José observes them on the sly… Hélène gives Nicolas a kiss on the cheek to thank him.


Alban wants to make room for Béné in his novel

The sect is back… 2 men in Love Island want to kidnap Fanny and Christian and use them as bargaining chips… compared to Brad (they are also the ones who attacked Addy). The 2 men say “may fraternity triumph”.

To follow the summary The mysteries of love season 28 episode 25 airs Saturday, April 23, 2022.

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