Fantastic Beasts 3 Early Reviews Aren’t Good


“Mads Mikkelsen is a real eye-catcher, especially when he faces off against Jude Law. Those are the rare moments when the film really comes to life.”

After the disappointment of Crimes of Grindelwaldhas the saga succeeded in raising the bar? Fantastic Beasts 3 hits theaters next week and early reviews are already live. But they don’t really bring good news. Between the lines, we understand that The Secrets of Dumbeldore is not a great success, even if it seems to be a step above the second part…

For Variety, “the pleasures that this third opus will bring to the public will vary greatly, depending on your level of dedication to the franchise. Because Dumbledore’s Secrets is rooted deep in JK Rowling’s Wizaring World mythology, rarely slowing down long enough to explain the magic spells or strategies its characters use. This will no doubt annoy casual viewers, keeping them away from the intimate relationships that make this great fight for the planet worth watching. But the faithful will probably love the revelations and this tragic love story between the much loved Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) and his adversary, determined to settle their accounts with the Muggles!

USA Today is also nuanced and believes that if Fantastic Beasts 3 is a film “overloaded with characters and subplots, it manages to rectify some missteps from previous films. There’s a renewed focus on magical creatures and another decidedly political bent, which dares to dig into dark themes and offers a bewitchingly goofy side .

Insider is already significantly less enthusiastic and believes that “Mads Mikkelsen is the best thing to pull off Dumbledore’s Secrets, a sequel that sometimes resembles a Harry Potter fan-fiction (…) The film is a patchwork that tries to forget all the negative press surrounding its talents: an adorable magical creature, a Muggle who has fun in the wizarding world, a complicated love story between Dumbledore and Grindelwald… Anything goes. Admittedly, that partly works…until you start trying to find logic in the movie.”

The Globe and Mail goes further and finds that Fantastic Beasts 3 East “extraordinarily endless“, before applauding the exchange between Johnny Depp and Mikkelsen.”He almost put us to sleep in the previous one, his performance in Grindelwald was so lifeless. This time, Mikkelsen bursts the screen, especially when he faces Jude Law. These are the rare moments when the film comes alive a little bit. But sadly, this is Norbert’s journey and he’s almost unwatchable here, especially when paired with his Muggle sidekick (Dan Fogler)…

Polygone also saw in this 3rd opus “An obvious attempt to raise the bar. But it turned into a calamitous mission, as we watch an identityless franchise travel through absurd circles, in search of a new, enduring direction.

Indiewire summarizes and finds that Dumbledore’s Secrets finally falls”into the same trappings as its predecessor, delivering a heavy and mostly unsettling mix of adult themes and childish fantasy. A story made even more impenetrable by a slew of sub-plots, too many characters and a tone that deviates at every possible turn.



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