First Looks at Thor 4’s Villain Leaked (And It’s Ugly)


Still no trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder but character visuals including a very ugly first glimpse of the villain played by Christian Bale.

She makes herself desire this first trailer of the Thor 4 by Taika Waititi, leaving us with no glimpse of where Marvel is headed with the God of Thunder in this new film which risks making him cough up his lungs, and drop his hammer. We already know that Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) will be there to recover Mjöllnir and become the new Thor, whilean enemy endangers Asgard, Gorr The Butcher of the Gods, played by Christian Bale. And the ugly, we had not seen much for the moment. (Bad) Fortunately, the merch is still there to spill the beans (after revealing a monster from the movie) and we unveil a first visual of the antagonistand heroes.

It’s with Hasbro figurines so we have some details on the outfits of characters such as Thor (in two versions, Thor in armor, and Ravage Thor), Jane Foster in Thor, Groot, Star Lord, King Valkyrie and Gorr de Thor: Love and Thunder.

As for Thor and King Valkyrie, there is no real surprise since we had already seen them in promotional images. It can nevertheless be noted that Jane Foster won’t always keep her metallic feathered helmet on (which she rarely does in comics), since the figurine has a head without the headdress. Then the Ravage Thor outfit may be what the Avengers will wear when alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, as he takes up the armor again later in the film to take on Gorr.

Let’s talk about the bad guy from the movie whose the appearance is bare minimum compared to the comics Thor: God of Thunder from 2013 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic which marks the character’s first and main appearance. Gorr is represented there as an aliena cross between a Twi’lek from Star Wars and Voldemort’s face looking nowhere near as human as Hasbro’s toy. The figurine of the villainous villain is still accompanied by a sword which, in the comics, belonged to Knull, god of the symbiotes. Gorr’s body finds himself traversed by the black liquid characteristic of the alien, giving him the appearance of being Death emerging from the shadows.

Gorr, the real, the badass

The back of the toy box also gives some details on the weapon used by the killer:

“Wielding a strange and terrifying weapon, Gorr will let nothing stand in his way.”

In the comics, the sword is the reason for all of Thor’s enemy abilities and mysterious appearance. The MCU seems to have kept this idea thathe holds a powerful weapon with little known power, remains to be seen what it will do. It is very unlikely that she is a connection to the symbiotes whose arrival in the MCU is only due to the black mucus left by Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The origin of the weapon should therefore be rewritten for the film.

Also, will the blade’s aura give comic-like visual effects? Let’s hope so, because at the moment Gorr is rather pale and ugly, unless it is to make him a white sheet covered with the blood of the gods? But coming from Marvel, that’s unlikely.

Marvel and Taika Waititi therefore preferred playing it ghostly for Gorr’s aesthetic, losing in the process his monstrous and absolutely not human aspect which detached him from the solar charisma of Thor. With Christian Bale accustomed to metamorphoses, seeing him transformed into a pale alien would have been a great first.

At least we have Natalie Portmann playing hammer in armor and Thor in trucker gear. Waititi’s direction and special effects will surely give Gorr more charisma but to get an idea of ​​it you would need a trailer. Especially since Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in French cinemas on July 13, 2022.



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