Florent Pagny sentenced? His tumor has changed in size, startling revelations and sadness


In January 2022, the coach of The Voice announced that he had cancer. He explained in an Instagram video that the cancer in question lodged in his lung and is inoperable. Florent Pagny was forced to undergo chemotherapy. Months later, as a result of the treatment he received, the tumor changed in size.

He canceled his tour

It was a blow for the singer. On January 25, 2022, he revealed that he had cancer, which forced him to put his tour on hold. With a heavy heart, he confessed:

“I have to make a somewhat special announcement, I will not be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour. I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on. »

The singer must put his career on hold until he recovers. He remains confident of his return, however, and assured his fans that he will return to the stage as soon as his treatment is complete. Until then, fans will have to wait.

Video: Instagram screenshot

As for all the tickets purchased for the quarantine of canceled dates, Florent Pagny specified that they will be reimbursed.

Florent Pagny remained positive in the face of his illness

Despite the bad news, Florent Pagny only wanted one thing: to focus on what is important and to fight no matter what. Thus, Azucena Caamaño’s husband still continues to be active. We still see him on TV even though he is undergoing heavy treatment at the same time.

No way for him to rest at home. On the contrary, he was still seen on the set of the show The Voice, exercising his role as a coach. Indeed, he supported his foals, even when he caught the Covid.

So he will ensure his role until the end? we don’t know at the moment. On the other hand, the production has already prepared if it turns out that the coach can no longer come on stage. It must be believed that the treatment followed by Florent Pagny has side effects. He might be tired then. Moreover, the singer is there, too, prepared for this eventuality.

“I still have six months of chemo, so I will finish in May. I don’t know how I will be after six months. Maybe in May, I’m impeccable, and maybe in May, I’m tired… We’ll organize ourselves. »

Addicted to cigarettes?

After the announcement of the singer on his lung cancer, internet users wondered if he was addicted to cigarettes. Many people thought that was indeed the case.

Photo: Instagram screenshot

In 2016, on Le Divan by Marc-Olivier Fogiel on France 3, the principal concerned confided:

“It stabilizes me (…) I was hyperactive. I was a very, very speedy kid. I cash in much better. »

He also recounted having had old problems with alcohol, which also earned him a stay in the hospital.

“I ended up in the hospital after a drink, where I could have gone. I had a bad feeling one evening and I started drinking and I ended up in the hospital with a hole in my stomach, ”he confessed.

The latest news on his state of health

Anyway, the health of Florent Pagny worried more than one. However, to reassure them, he regularly gives news of him. Her children did the same on social media.

According to the words of the magazine Public, “after two months of intensive treatment, the tumor lodged in the lung of Florent Pagny would have already reduced by half”. Good news then. The magazine further specifies that of the 50 scheduled chemotherapy sessions, he has already completed 30. He still has 20 to complete.

Effective but tiring chemotherapy

His treatment is following its normal course and seems to be more effective than expected. However, it is not without effect. Chemotherapy sessions cause fatigue for Florent Pagny. According to Public, this big fatigue would be a rather worrying symptom compared to other side effects.

“He would react quite well to the heavy treatment he is subjected to. A rare thing for the vast majority of patients who suffer from vomiting, severe headaches and lack of appetite,” the magazine argued.

For the moment, the relatives of the coach of The Voice have not confirmed this news.

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