Foot PSG – Mbappé extends to PSG, the incredible response from Madrid


Kylian Mbappé, who is extending to PSG, is the information that has been rising in France in recent days. Real Madrid could come up with a smoldering response.

For a long time, supporters of French clubs complained that, when it came to polemics and blind support, the attacks from Spain and England in particular were much more patriotic than in France. The press across the Channel or across the Pyrenees is indeed much more virulent than in France, and likes to highlight subjects capable of harming, in general mainly to PSG. But in the huge Mbappé file, the counter-attack comes from France, since, for a few days, leaks suggesting that Mbappé could extend to PSG are multiplying. RMC, Le Parisien, L’Equipe, the sources are concordant and clearly relaunch the Parisian leaders in this ability to reverse the trend.

Real Madrid, which already saw Kylian Mbappé arriving trotting at the end of the season, has not yet lost confidence in this file. But concern is growing and some Spanish editorialists are now asking that PSG number 7 take a clear position on his future, which he has no intention of doing as he explained once again on Sunday evening. On the other hand, there is one who does not tremble for a single second. It is the famous Josep Pedrerol, the host of the night show El Chiringuito who is a real hit in Spain. It must be said that Pedrerol is judged to be close to Florentino Pérez, and he keeps repeating in his speeches how confident Casa Blanca is in this file.

The date of the presentation of Mbappé to Real already fixed

For the journalist, it is fashionable to remember that all this information from France is just a salad, and that Real Madrid is counting on Mbappé next season. “ I assure you that you need not worry about that. Madridistas (Real Madrid supporters editor’s note), Do not worry. I will try to find out tomorrow (Tuesday), if I can give you the date of the presentation of Mbappé when he will sign for Real Madrid., announced Josep Pedrerol, who had already promised for a long time that he would give up his post if ever Mbappé did not sign for Real Madrid this summer. A certainty deemed reassuring by supporters of the White House, even if it may seem premature, since the French world champion himself made it known that it was impossible for anyone to know his choice, since his decision does not had not been taken. In any case, this ensures a new audience card for El Chiringuito on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, with necessarily an eye on a new clue concerning the future of Kylian Mbappé.


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