Foot PSG – PSG: Mbappé and Qatar, agreement on point 1 of the contract


In the very long negotiation between Paris Saint-Germain and Kylian Mbappé, each point of the contract is studied with a magnifying glass. And a first agreement has been reached on an essential aspect for the future of the French footballer.

Kylian Mbappé did not hide it on the sidelines of PSG’s clear victory in Clermont, he no longer really wants to have to answer questions about his possible extension with Paris or his free signing at Real Madrid. If the author of two consecutive hat-tricks in Ligue 1 had confided a few days before at the Parc des Princes, this time it is radio silence. “I’ve already answered that “Launched, on Canal +, the Parisian striker to make it clear that he now had to wait before he formalized his decision himself. However, it is obvious, the suspense is always total, Kylian Mbappé always listening to what the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain offer him to convince him to refuse the offer transmitted for months by Florentino Perez. The door is therefore not closed for an extension, while last summer the world champion had officially announced that he had asked, in vain, for an exit voucher in order to join Karim Benzema in Madrid.

Mbappé does not only make his future a question of money

The contract linking PSG to the former Monegasque ending next June, there is still fire, but according to Fabrizio Romano on the Doha side, we would have accepted the first condition imposed by the Mbappé clan, which was a main requirement before even going further and talking about millions of euros. Indeed, even if the Emir of Qatar had made it known that he was ready to put a “loyalty bonus” of 100 million euros on the negotiating table, and to push the salary slider up to 50 million net euros per season, the idea of ​​a very short contract did not please the Qatari owner. But the Italian journalist still refutes the idea of ​​a secret agreement already validated between Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappé and confided this Monday during his talk show on social networks that PSG would have finally accepted the principle of an extension two-year contract with an exit door officially possible from 2023, the player not wanting to be refused to leave in a year if he wishes.

This first point having been definitively settled between Kylian Mbappé and Paris Saint-Germain, discussions continue on the sports organization. Because Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo have understood it well, the player is waiting for something other than a mountain of gold to make his decision, Mbappé no longer wanting to experience the enormous disillusions experienced over the seasons since 2017. does not want to be vizier in place of the vizier, the 25-year-old player believes that his status as the best footballer in the world still deserves to be trusted and that PSG entrust him with the sporting keys of the project, like FC Barcelona did it for a long time with Lionel Messi. Kylian Mbappé is neither God nor Messi, but in Qatar we are not far from thinking it, to the point of betting everything on this famous contract extension so longed for by the supporters. Fabrizio Romano specifies for his part that the player always discusses with his family and his lawyer before making a final choice between Paris and Madrid.


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