Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar “drunk”, he sends a message to Qatar


Author of a hat-trick against Clermont, Neymar had a real great match without getting lost in his football. Back in Paris, the Brazilian played the provocation in the face of criticism of his lifestyle.

Accused some time ago of forcing the bottle, to the detriment of his sporting performance with Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar had already responded to criticism from a distance, particularly from Daniel Riolo. But obviously these incessant attacks on his physique which, according to some, badly hides the festive excesses of the Brazilian star, annoy the former FC Barcelona player. As proof, back at his home in the Paris region after the huge victory of PSG in Clermont (1-6), the one who had just signed a hat-trick again put on the table his supposed setbacks linked to excessive alcohol consumption. . In the middle of the night, and on social networks, he posted a message and a photo with the Clermont-PSG match ball autographed in memory of his hat-trick at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium placed on his keyboard, Neymar wrote ” drunk with laughing smileys, plus three balloons, synonymous with his goals, and a glass of wine.

Neymar mocks accusations

Still, those who attack Neymar can easily point out that the latter is often strong against the weak, but weak against the strong, the recent memory of the Champions League second leg in Madrid going in this direction. But aware that PSG supporters accuse him of being the symbol of the erratic choices of the leaders, who renewed the Brazilian star’s contract last summer even though he was coming out of a mediocre season, Neymar still wants have a minimum of respect. If he seems to laugh at these accusations about his lifestyle and excessive alcohol consumption, the former Barça player must be having a hard time with all this and this provocation is clearly proof of that. Especially since it is whispered that on the side of Qatar we are furious against Neymar.

PSG can trust the trio Mbappé, Neymar, Messi in 2022-2023

For Paris Saint-Germain, who should currently be preparing for the Champions League if it hadn’t been for the fiasco against Madrid, the regrets are obviously enormous to see that now the trio made up of Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Lionel Messi is fueling at a rate never seen since the start of the season. But this will encourage Doha to make every effort to keep Mbappé, so that the MNM still has a chance next season to bring the Champions League back to the Parc des Princes. Because even if the Emir is tired of Neymar’s extra-sporty attitude, it is obvious that if the latter finally takes his career seriously, he can bring a lot to PSG.


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