Foot PSG – PSG sold, Qatar humiliates El Chiringuito


PSG for once reacted strongly to rumors of a sale of the club. Qatar is directly attacking the Spanish broadcast that started the rumour.

A follower of soft-power, that is to say a strong economic presence to make the country known in a positive way, Qatar is not the type to react to the slightest allegations against it, even if that does not prevent it from take note of it. But when it goes too far, the reaction is still noticeable, even if it is never official. However, the announcement from Spain of the next sale of PSG after the 2022 World Cup did not pass. It was the controversial Spanish program El Chiringuito which revealed this information, that the Emir of Qatar “ threw in the towel in front of the inability of the Parisian team to win the Champions League in more than 10 years. And between the money invested and the behavior of the stars, the gas state preferred to hand over and put PSG up for sale.

Qatar will be here for many years

If certain clubs in France such as OM or ASSE are regularly at the center of rumors for a possible sale, PSG never sees its name seriously mentioned for a departure from the owners. And this noise coming from Spain had the gift of making the Parisian management react. Indeed, many informants have been confirmed that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi intended to represent QSI for many more years at the head of Paris Saint-Germain, and that a departure had never been on the agenda. It is obviously impossible to know what will happen in several years, but the time has not come to abandonment on the side of Qatar. PSG Community, Andrés Onrubia of the AS newspaper and Tariq Panja of the New York Times have indicated that sources at PSG have completely dismissed the possibility of seeing the Ile-de-France club being sold in the years to come.

El Chiringuito, the cheap media

Same story on the side of RMC, which even provides some details, with a huge tackle from the Parisian management against the program El Chiringuito. ” It is simply fake news. We categorically and completely deny this fake news. Fake news from cheap media “, swung the management of PSG on sports radio. A pithy tackle which demonstrates that these rumors strongly displease in high places, while PSG usually remains very discreet on hot topics. But the sale of the Parisian club is not on the agenda, and Qatar, despite the lack of success on the sporting level, also knows that its takeover of PSG allows it to be talked about daily, which is the primary purpose of the operation.

In the meantime, Spain continue to happily go after PSG as soon as possible. But this information published in a very popular program on the other side of the Pyrenees also tends to show that in Madrid, serenity is not necessarily as obvious as announced in the file of the arrival of Kylian Mbappé, which seems sensitive to the arguments presented by PSG in recent weeks, despite the sporting failure of this season in the Champions League.


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