Free launches a new update on all its Freeboxes


Free launches a new update on all its Freeboxes

Notice to Freebox Revolution, mini 4K, Pop, Delta and One subscribers, Free is currently deploying a new version of their server.

Remember to restart the Freebox Server, a new update, the first since December, is now available. Stamped 4.5.5, this new firmware brings only a few improvements and corrections. “The secure connection to Freebox OS is now usable from the local network as soon as it is available after choosing a custom domain name, and without restarting”, announce the developers. New VM (virtual machine) icons have been added for Delta subscribers.


  • Display of the WireGuard port in “Port management”.
  • Plotting VPN client throughput curves.
  • Dimensions of the certificate import window.
  • SMB stability fixes.

Regarding the API, the operator announces a new “field first_activity” in the info of a network host. Also, the “os” property of VMs is now less limited. Thumbnails of .png files are also now supported.


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