Free summarizes the possibilities of accessing Oqee in a single table


Freebox subscribers: Free summarizes the possibilities of accessing Oqee in a single table

Apple TV, Samsung televisions, Android TV… The terminals compatible with Oqee are numerous and certain rules govern access to the TV interface, the operator offers a table to find your way around.

Which subscription, which screen? Xavier Niel’s operator has deployed its Oqee TV interface on many media, ranging from a mobile version on iOS and Android to an application for Samsung Smart TV, via Android TV and Apple TV. However, not all Freebox subscribers are in the same boat and if those with a Freebox Revolution have recently seen access to Oqee in a mobile version without conditions, the rules may confuse some Freeusers. To clarify the situation, the operator has updated its table describing the rules for accessing the Oqee application on different media.

So, to sum up: Freebox Delta, Pop and Revolution subscribers have access to the Free interface on all media. For Freebox mini 4K subscribers, only access to Oqee on Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV is automatically included, to access it on Android TV and mobile, you must have subscribed to a multi-TV option with Pop or Apple player TV. As for Freebox One and Crystal subscribers, it is only possible to enjoy Oqee on Apple TV and Samsung TV. The operator also specifies that compatibility with Apple TV is valid whether you bought the device from Free or not.

Access to “fixed” terminals such as smart TVs or decoders depends on connection to your home’s Freebox network. However, thanks to the evolution of the mobile application having integrated Chromecast and more recently Airplay, it is normally possible to broadcast Oqee content on an Apple TV 4K not connected to your Freebox for example, since the mobile application is compatible with the network of all operators. Note also that Airplay allows for example the distribution of your favorite program directly on Mac, in addition to compatible televisions.


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