Fuels. Diesel and SP95-E10 prices continue to fall


Every Monday, the Ministry of Ecological Transition publishes the average fuel prices recorded the previous week in French service stations.

From April 2 to 8, the price of a liter of diesel and SP95-E10 continued to fall, following the price of crude oil and the implementation of the government rebate.

A liter of diesel was sold for an average of €1.8205, down 7.1 cents compared to the previous week. A liter of SP95-E10 was €1.7418, down 4.2 cents.

Oil rebate and drop

The decrease was already significant last week and is largely explained by the discount of 15 centimes minimum per liter of fuel, which came into force on 1er April 2022, for a period of four months, until July 31.

The price of oil, after the surge linked to the start of the war in Ukraine, has been falling for two weeks. The United States and the other member countries of the International Energy Agency (IEA) have indeed announced that they are drawing more on their strategic reserves to stabilize the market.

However, prices remain high, causing a drop in tourist bookings for the Easter holidays.

Fuels. Diesel and SP95-E10 prices continue to fall


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