Genesio (Rennes) on the Ligue 1 calendar: “It’s really very well done for fairness”


“How do you see this shock against Monaco, six points from the third place that you occupy?
There are only three points at stake, but it is a direct competitor that can almost be eliminated from the race for the Champions League. What is important is to take an interest in us, to continue to move forward, we have seen that success in Reims (3-2, last Saturday) was very important in terms of accounting, we must continue in this spirit, we will take stock after Saint-Étienne (April 30, Matchday 35) to see what we can expect.

It would still be quite decisive if you keep this margin of four points after the Monaco-Strasbourg sequence (Wednesday), wouldn’t it?
Yes, but afterwards we will receive Lorient, such a difficult match, then Saint-Étienne who are fighting to maintain it, that’s why we will take stock at the end of the month. We will also have, between Saint-Étienne and Nantes (May 11, 36th day) a cut of twelve days, because the people who make the calendar had the good idea to put the final of the Coupe de France on a Saturday (May 7) during a Championship day (May 8).

We will play on Wednesday (May 11, in Nantes) before receiving Marseille on Saturday (May 14, Matchday 37), it’s very accommodating, really very well done for equity… One day, we will be consulted before doing inconsistent things, perhaps. But we will see after Saint-Étienne what we are capable of playing.

“We have a very offensive team, focused on the game, but from time to time you also have to be able to reform a block”

How do you see Monaco?
They are on a good series, they were able to recover from a difficult moment. It’s a squad composed to qualify for the Champions League and play it, so it will be a big game like we had here against Paris (2-0, October 3)Lyons (4-1, November 7)Lille (1-2, December 1) or Nice (1-2, December 12).

What do you need to erase?
It is especially the end of the match in Reims. We were very unbalanced because we, I think, forgot to defend together. We led 3-0, I don’t know if there was a relaxation or something else, but from there, we made efforts in a disorderly way in the recovery, we gave the possibility to this team to recover in the game.

We have a very offensive team, focused on the game, but from time to time we also have to be able to reform a block and be collectively efficient to recover the ball well and that’s what we missed at the end of the match. It’s a good alert but we managed to hang on to these three very important points, an improvement compared to the start of the season.

How do your players feel about the pressure of the final sprint?
We remain a fairly young team in terms of age and experience too, we have to learn to manage our emotions, but I don’t feel any anxiety or tension. And that must be one of our strengths at the end of the season because today we are largely within the objectives set at the start of the season and we have to focus on that. »



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