“He was commenting on Macron’s speech”: Anthony Delon gives the latest news on his father Alain


In “Between Dog and Wolf”, Anthony Delon delivers uncompromising details about his life and that of his father, Alain Delon, who does not fail to comment on current political events.

For some everyday things, Alain Delon would, it seems, be like ordinary mortals. While the son of the illustrious French actor has just published “Between dog and wolf” at Le Cherche midi, in which he draws an acerbic portrait of his fathersometimes violent, the 57-year-old actor revealed to the Parisian a fun detail about the star.

Asked by Catherine Ball, Anthony Delon did not hesitate to say that his father “commented on Macron’s speech on TV“, which he looked at while leafing through”the Romy Schneider exhibition catalog“. A harmless situation in which it is not difficult to imagine the ex-companion of the actress of German origin. Indeed, Alain Delon has never hidden his political opinions. Defining himself as a Gaullist, he has recently supported Valérie Pécresse for the 2022 presidential election.

Anthony Delon’s book adapted into a series?

Another revelation from this interview, “Between dog and wolf“could soon be the subject ofan international series. The author who would have written “a fifteen-page synopsis“, which will soon be adapted on the small screen, in a fiction produced by Mediawan and Dominique Besnehard. What to put in images the poignant story of Anthony Delon, approved by his father. A publication that would even “do well” to the French star, says his son. After his book and the series, the latter specifies that he is making a documentary about his mother, Nathalie Delon, which he will present at the Sundance Festival, as well as a thriller, that he plans to adapt for television.


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2/12 –

Alain Delon
The actor’s son, Anthony Delon, revealed this little detail to Parisian.


3/12 –

Anthony Delon, Alain Delon
Anthony Delon, close to his father Alain Delon, slipped this anecdote on the French star on the occasion of the release of his autobiography.


4/12 –

Alain Delon, Anthony Delon
Father and son appeared at the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo in September 2021.

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5/12 –

Anthony Delon
Anthony Delon recently reconnected with his girlfriend Sveva Alviti.

© LaPresse

6/12 –

Anthony Delon
The author intends to adapt his story to harrowing details in series.

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7/12 –

Anthony Delon, Alain-Fabien Delon and Capucine Anav
Alain-Fabien Delon, youngest of the Delon clan, was in a relationship with Capucine Anav.

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8/12 –

Alain Delon, Anouchka Delon
Alain Delon climbs the steps of Cannes in 2019 for the screening of “A hidden life”, with his daughter Anouchka Delon.


9/12 –

Alain Delon
The French star would have appreciated his son’s book.


10/12 –

Alain Delon, Anthony Delon
Anthony Delon is however not tender with his father, and reveals a sometimes violent education.

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11/12 –

Anthony Delon
Anthony Delon also continues to take care of his brand of vegan leather jackets.


12/12 –

Anthony Delon
He also told Le Parisien that he is working on a series and a documentary about his mother, Nathalie Delon.


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