here’s why the actor has a bad reputation on set


If I tell you Christian Clavier, what do you think of? No one has forgotten the cult film “The Visitors” released in theaters in 1993 and counting more than 13 million admissions. Sunday April 10, TF1 made a nice surprise to viewers by broadcasting this comedy which always makes you laugh. But this broadcast is also an opportunity to remember some famous actors who have come a long way over all these years. The Objeko team has therefore chosen to evoke Christian Clavier, actor, screenwriter and producer much appreciated by the French. Despite his talent, the companion of Isabelle de Araujo is not unanimous with journalists. In the world of cinema also, it is the subject of criticism. But what exactly are we accusing him of?

Christian Clavier: a French actor much appreciated by the public

Remember, Christian Clavier started his career with the “Splendid” troupe bringing together his “tanned” acolytes. Together, Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte, Michel Blanc, Josiane Balasko, Marie-Anne Chazel and Christian Clavier shot several cult comedies. Today, the 70-year-old actor is still as successful in the cinema. He is also on the poster for the third part of the comedy “What did we do to God”.

Against all expectations, the actor does not have the same success in his professional environment. Indeed, some actors with whom he worked do not say that well. Michaël Youn, for example, did not hesitate to call him “relou” during a radio show on Europe 1. The two men worked together on the filming of the film “Retour chez les Malawas” released in 2019. The former Morning Live host explained: We are not of the same generation, we do not support the heat in the same way ” before adding in a laughing voice ” Yes, he sucks!“.

A particularly difficult shoot with Michaël Youn

To our colleagues from the newspaper “Le Figaro”, Michaël Youn also specified that the two men did not get along very well. On the set of the film, the conditions were difficult with a temperature of more than 50°C. The tensions were therefore very present between the two actors who did not present, it seems, that little in common. For Michaël, the situation was all the more frustrating as the actor was a real fan of Christian Clavier! ” I had a really difficult shoot with someone I really like, who I’m a big fan of, called Christian Clavier. I have been a fan since my earliest childhood of the ‘Bronzés’, ‘My best buddies’, ‘Santa Claus is garbage’.

A difficult filming, Christian Clavier confirmed it himself during his stay in the RTL studios. ” I thought that in the middle of filming so I told them ‘I’m going to leave…’, and then they improved things he says. The actor specified that his contract had not mentioned such shooting conditions. That’s why he called it an “absolute scam”.

Subsequently, he confided to BFM TV that the director of the film in question, James Huth, had been very demanding with the film crew. ” He’s mentally ill, Huth. He does fifteen, twenty, twenty-five takes, if he can. There comes a time when it has to be stopped. »

A difficult actor to interview

In the Belgian weekly magazine “Télépro”, Christian Clavier talks about his offbeat attitude on film sets. ” I really like to work upstream to improvise, I’m uncontrollable on a set and that’s what amuses me. You never know how I will react. If I don’t surprise them then I won’t surprise you. In other words, without this spontaneity and this touch of madness, Christian Clavier would not be Christian Clavier!

But for some journalists, this character tends to complicate things. Indeed, the famous “tanned” does not seem willing to make their task easier. ” You know, a lot of people find it difficult to interview me and that’s why I usually avoid doing it. I’m not trying to bully people, but we’re never on the same wavelength. he said in an interview with the French film magazine “Première”. Without qualifying as boring, Christian Clavier recognizes that the interviewer is complicated and does not boast of having good interpersonal skills!

Anyway, this great actor always manages to make us laugh and for many of us, it’s always a pleasure to find him on screen!


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