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Madonna is an essential artist on the international scene. She started her career in 1979. And from the height of her 63 years, no one could question her immeasurable talent. Despite everything, the star’s fans are worried about her. Today more than ever, they hope that she is ultimately not in danger. Indeed, she continues to play the provocation card as she always has. But lately, on her social media, it’s gone so far that some of Madonna’s fans can’t recognize her anymore. Physically on the one hand, countless Internet users believe that the star abuses filters and cosmetic surgery. And mentally on the other hand, most Madonna fans are worried about her. Because his behavior is unpredictable, even sometimes offensive.

Like our colleagues from the magazine Here is, we invite you to take stock of the recent publications of the star. The opportunity for readers toObjeko see for themselves if they think Madonna’s behavior is risky.

Madonna challenges the Web in a strange way

It’s been several months now that Madonna has been spilling a lot of ink on the Web because of her worried fans. But so far, it was mainly her physique that made people talk about her. Because the star is more and more unrecognizable. These public appearances or on social networks present several faces of the Queen of Pop. And none seem to match who she really is.

That said, Objeko grant you that it would be inappropriate to criticize the star on his physique. Indeed, if she wants to use filters, wear sunglasses in broad daylight or “abuse” cosmetic surgery, she is the only one to decide what she does with her appearance. Especially since over the years, Madonna has always made sure to take on roles that she created from scratch. But you will understand why it was important to talk about this before continuing.

Indeed, Madonna boasts in an interview of being able to become another person when she wishes. And if she has been doing this since 1979, it would be possible to think that she got lost between the different costumes that she likes to wear. And lately, her disturbing behavior does not allow her fans to imagine that she is therefore playing a new role. As was the case, for example, when she decided to call herself “Madame X”. Fans of the star are therefore afraid that the mental health of the Queen of Pop has taken a hit.

It was when Madonna posted bizarre videos of herself on her social media that her fans decided to sound the alarm. In particular by discovering videos of her “playing” with a knife, taking offensive poses. Our colleagues from the magazine Here is also underline the surprising nature of these Madonna publications. And for good reason, in the comment section, Internet users are unanimous. Hundreds of them even wonder if it is not necessary to contact the authorities.

A more confusing attitude than usual

Another video shows Madonna getting the word “mom” tattooed on her wrist. She points to his red ink as if it were his own blood. She also specifies that her mother bled to give birth to her. And that it’s her turn to bleed for her thanks to this tattoo.

Fortunately, it’s no secret that Madonna is surrounded by her loved ones. Indeed, his children are never far away. Nevertheless, the public is worried because he would not want to learn that something bad happened to him. Since they would have seen the danger coming without reacting. Should we then believe that Madonna is losing control? Or do social networks finally allow us to realize the real degree of “fantasy” of the star?

This is a difficult question to answer, Objeko grant it to you. Thus, it is natural to accept the fact that Madonna’s fans fear that she has lost herself in the fiction imposed on her by her work as an artist. Or in various artificial paradises, so easily accessible to stars of his stature. We therefore only have to hope that Madonna plays on the concern of her public to promote these new projects.


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