Household scenes on M6 in mourning! She died.


The actress of Scenes of households has just left us. It’s a real thunderclap for viewers of Scenes of households.

Household Scenes was a big surprise for many M6 viewers. The older ones among you know that the channel likes to produce this kind of comedy series on a relatively low budget. We have already had two great successes before: Camera Café and Kaamelott.

Scenes of households: the program that is a hit!

Household Scenes offers a very interesting concept. Viewers discover several very different couples in scenes from their daily lives. Each has its own particularity. José and Liliane represent the middle class of a small town, Fabien and Emma the country people, Raymond and Huguette embittered retirees. In short, everyone finds it easily. And it’s a real guilty pleasure! We laugh with the characters, at their expense, but also at our own faults.

Scènes de Ménages is loosely inspired by the Spanish series Escenas de matrimonio, which has been adapted to reflect French typicality. Since 2009, the series has not ceased to charm viewers.

13 years after its debut, the screenwriters never seem to run out of ideas. Some couples left, others arrived along the way. Even if there is no real continuity in the sketches, we can see the characters evolve over the seasons. And the future looks bright for the Scenes of Households series and for M6!

The actress died of cancer

This is news that saddened our Spanish neighbors. Silvia Gambino, who played Marina in the Spanish series Escenas de matrimonio, which inspired Scenes of households, has just left us. She had been battling cancer for a long time. Unfortunately, the disease finally got the better of her. Escenas de matrimonio has not aired since 2010. However, the actors of the highly influential series are still remembered more than 10 years later.

The Italian-born Spanish actress has had a very successful career. However, her role in the Spanish version of Scenes from the Home remains the crowning achievement of her career. Silvia Gambino was not in the limelight for a long time, due to her illness.

Her former husband paid her a strong tribute on social networks: You left to make everyone you meet laugh, wherever you go. You left at a young age, life isn’t fair and cancer won the battle, but that didn’t take your smile away. The entire editorial staff of People Act Magazine joins in sending its most sincere greetings to his family and his relatives and his friends from Scenes of Households.

Huguette (Marion Game) addresses the end of life in the program.

Scenes from households is a series that is very often good-natured. We don’t look at it to think about life, but rather to unplug a bit and have a good laugh.

However, sometimes the production teams do not hesitate to tackle sensitive topics, such as the end of life. Thus, Huguette, the character of Marion Game, asks her husband Raymond if he would help her to end her life. He answers in the affirmative.

Huguette, the star of Scenes of Households then specifies that it would be in the case of an incurable disease, to which Raymond replies “Also”. Of course, the joke hits the mark, and we’re used to seeing this retired couple love and hate each other at the same time. However, this does not change the fact that the subject of assisted death has been brought up.

As you probably know if you regularly read People Act Magazine, the character from Marion Game (Household Scenes) isn’t the first to bring up the subject lately. The late Bernard Tapie, suffering from double cancer, also wanted to be able to benefit from an assisted end of life.

The successful singer Françoise Hardy also made this request directly to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. She has been suffering from laryngeal cancer for years and is in terrible pain.

scenes of mourning households

Huguette, the character of Marion Game, will she succeed in changing mentalities on the subject? At People Act Magazine, we hope so! We wish Marion Game a long and happy life, full of joy and success!


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