how Frédérick (Married at first sight) reacted when Emilie told him about his daughter


In the third episode of Married at first sight, broadcast this Monday, April 4, Emilie and Frédérick finally met during the ceremony. But before saying “yes”, the future bride made a point of informing her partner of the existence of her daughter Lina, a few months old. Frédérick came back, for Tele-Leisureon this surprise announcement.

After Alicia and Bruno (who had a huge crush on each other) and Axel and Caroline (for whom things seem less obvious), a third couple showed up at the Gibraltar Botanical Garden, which hosts this year the wedding ceremonies of Married at first sight. This Monday, April 4, Frédérick and Emilie discovered each other for the first time. If he did not remain indifferent to the charm of the future bride, the forties had to take into account additional data before deciding: Emilie is a very young mother of a little Lina, only a few months old at the time. of filming.

A real favorite

During the various interviews, Frédérick had insisted with the experts on the importance of the gaze in his future wife. “The look speaks to me a lot. Since my fille Ambre, aged 14, does not speak, we communicate a lot with our eyes and facial expressions. Over time, I became quite discerning. We say everything in a look“, he explained to us. So inevitably, when Frédérick met Emilie’s big green eyes, he was immediately conquered. “When I saw his look, I didn’t look at the rest. I said to myself : ‘Well done, team!’ I found her beautiful“, he told us. And to add: “It was a real crush. Several people told me that I had bitten myself in the morning, but I did not believe them. I didn’t even realize it!” “Frankly, Emilie is one of the most beautiful encounters I have had.“, continues the young man, under the spell.

A surprise announcement that has it”relieved

However, Frédérick did not necessarily expect such a crush. “I had warned the production that if she didn’t fit my criteria, if she didn’t have that look, I was going to say ‘no’. I had to rely on the first seconds and the bride put glitter in my eyes“, specifies the forties to us. On this point, Frédérick was therefore reassured. But before pronouncing their vows, Emilie made a point of informing Frédérick of her situation. The young woman was indeed abandoned by her ex-companion when she was 4 months pregnant, so it was only natural that she made the trip with her little Lina, a few months old during the filming. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you like that, but there’s a little bit over there, it’s my daughter. I raise him alone. I wanted you to know that. If you ever say ‘yes’ to me, it’s with a small bonus of a few months“, indicated the young mother during the ceremony. An announcement which Frédérick did not expect but which he welcomed. “I felt relieved. At the time, I thought she had a disabled little girl. I told myself that she was going to understand me… but that she was not ready“, he confided to us, alluding to his daughter Ambre, severely handicapped. A weight which should quickly be lightened for Emilie therefore. It remains to be seen whether Frédérick told her of his situation before saying to himself “yes ” (or not”).


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