“I had the means to go further,” says Alexandra, eliminated in episode 7


Fate sealed his adventure. This Tuesday evening, Alexandra said goodbye to the cassava and coconut of Koh Lanta because of a black ball. An unusual fate which nevertheless presents itself again this season after a similar outcome for Benjamin a few weeks ago. Thanks to her imaginary necklace, Setha made the suspense of the council last until the end and ended up saving her place at the expense of Alexandra. “Knowing that she didn’t have a collar, she had prepared the ground much better than me”, she tells 20 minutes.

Did you expect the voting results to be so close with Setha?

We are all intimately convinced that Setha has a necklace. In my head, I think I’m going out because no matter how many votes I have against me, the votes against her won’t count. When I see that we are tied, I tell myself that I have a chance. But in fact, knowing that she didn’t have a collar, she had laid the groundwork much better than me. She had already gone to see Bastien and made him promise not to vote against her. So when he has a choice between her and me, he chooses Setha. If I had been smarter, I would have done some lobbying work first.

You shoot the black ball. Is this the worst or the best way to start from the advice?

Going on a black ball, it’s true that it’s a bit nerd (laughs). I had done a sort of psychological preparation to put things into perspective. When I shoot the black ball, I’m almost surprised because in my head, I’m already gone. It’s not like I didn’t expect it. I had already seen myself leaving so I was almost surprised to have this opportunity to stay. Missed opportunity but it’s my fault, I only had to fight before.

You tell the board that you failed to convince that you belonged here. What more could you have done?

With hindsight, I would have convinced Colin to vote against Yannick. We just had to vote against him and he left. But at that time, Colin also promised Bastien to vote against Setha to get his necklace out. Colin is into his thing, he’s afraid of Yannick’s cursed bracelets. Today, I would have found the words for us to have a strong alliance. We must not forget that there is fatigue. We had ten days of confinement before the adventure, I am thirty days away without family, without children. I regret it bitterly but we tend to see fate, to give up. My mistake was not believing in my destiny until the end.

Your role as chef at the beginning of the adventure did not harm you in the end?

No. I was criticized a lot because I explained that I had been very happy to be the leader of the blues. For me, I associate the values ​​of listening, benevolence, so it was going very well. There was no chef and the others. She was a team leader as we understand in sport so it was a very healthy atmosphere. I never felt in danger with the blues and even if I love to take the lead when I feel able to do so, I also know how to step back and that’s why even with the yellows, it’s not it is not for this reason that they voted against me.

Do you consider that not having reached reunification is a failure?

Honestly, I see my departure as the failure of my life. To do all that and leave at that time when I had the means to go further in the adventure by fighting more, by doing more strategy, it’s very hard. It’s a unique chance to make Koh Lanta, it’s rare to have two chances. When you miss, it’s not up to you to choose whether you can do it again, so it’s very difficult. If I have the chance to do another adventure, I will take the revenge of my life.

You are still the only woman to have destroyed two statuettes in the comfort test, it must be a source of pride.

Yes, and I really liked this event. Of course I had moments of satisfaction, moments when I found that I was not bad and when I was happy with what I was able to do. But when you’re a competitor, you want to go all the way. There is a little taste of unfinished business despite these victories.


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