“I have a bit of resentment towards the cinema…”


First, and it’s a compliment, the bitch character suits you perfectly!

Brigitte Lahaie: (Laughs) It’s true that I can seem very harsh at first. But I am a hypersensitive person, who protects myself a lot.

Is that also what led you to agree to play this role of Valérie Müller?

Yes. He is magnificent. There is quite a progression between the moment when Valérie seems implacable and the moment when we finally see the flaw in her. It’s great to play.

Valérie is an extremely secretive woman. How did you “catch” it?

I was directed by an excellent director, Arnauld Mercadier. He had the intelligence to start by making me shoot the easiest scenes. This allowed me to meet Valérie very gently. He’s a pivotal character. Until the end, we doubt his role in this disturbing disappearance…

Were you happy to be thought of? It’s been seventeen years since we’ve seen you on a screen, big or small…

It’s true. I shot a film for Canal+ (One last time, editor’s note), two years ago, but it was more of an investment related to my past career. Over the past few years, I’ve had offers for roles, but either they weren’t very interesting or I wasn’t available. I accepted Disturbing disappearance, because filming for television mobilizes me for less time, compared to cinema. When you’re on the air every day, you have to be able to organize yourself. And then, I immediately “flashed” on Arnauld Mercadier. I felt immediately that with him, I would be confident. I had so much fun playing that now I’m ready to do it again! I think there are really nice things to do in television. I have a little resentment vis-à-vis the cinema, which shunned me a lot…

How was the rediscovery of a film set?

Very well ! The team was great. I immediately got along very well with Julie Depardieu. She has an extraordinary personality, like me. And Daniel Russo is a great actor, on whom we can really rely.

The TV movie tackles the subject of ill-being at work head-on…

What touches me the most, and this is what this program clearly shows, is the extent to which people do not know how to make themselves respected, in particular women, who have always been taught to be polite, since their younger age. I campaign a lot so that we teach them to say no.

The TV movie ends with these words from your character: “I will stop nurturing a system where some men derive their strength from the submission of women. »

This ending was rewritten practically on the last day of filming. We wanted something striking. The world has changed enormously in fifty years, we must begin to soften relations. We must continue to fight for equality, of course, but also understand our differences.

Worrying disappearance: Wednesday April 13 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

Interview with Amandine Scherer



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