“I have the heart in crumbs”… this romantic film has turned internet users upside down


The In Between is available from Friday, April 8 on Netflix. A romantic drama by Arie Posin with Joey King and Kyle Allen that shocked internet users! Tweet review.

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After starring in the trilogy The Kissing Booth with Jacob Elordi, Joey King is starring in a new romantic film: The In Between on Netflix. Alongside actor Kyle Allen, she plays Tessa, a young teenager who no longer believes in love since she was placed in foster care as a child. But her vision of love will change when she meets Skylar, a teenager from a neighboring town. However, their romance quickly turns to tragedy when the young man dies in a car accident in which Tessa survives. After losing her great love, the teenager is convinced that Skylar sends her signs from beyond the grave. Since its release on April 8, The In Between is a hit on Netflix by currently positioning itself in third place for the most viewed content on the streaming platform

The In Between (Netflix): a “magnificent” love story according to internet users

This magnificent love story from the beyond has upset the Web. “The film The In Between, not to watch alone if you have easy tears”, testifies a user. “Crying all the tears in my body over The In Between. Netflix, what have you done to my little heart?”, asks a viewer. Or : “I cried too much in front of The In Between”, “The In Between is a very good movie that makes you cry and it’s also the perfect definition of my greatest fear”, “I let out all my tears on The In Between”.

“Do you want to cry?” : the warning of Internet users about The In Between on Netflix

After watching the movie, many netizens highly recommend it. “The movie The In Betwenn is just amazing actually! I highly recommend it to you”, advises a viewer. “Must watch on Netflix: The In Between”, continues another spectator. “Want to cry? Watch The In Between on Netflix”, “Watch The In Between with Joey King, really moving this movie”, “Go see the movie The In Between with Joey King! This film is just very beautiful to see and magnificent“, can we still read on Twitter.

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