It’s official, 5G is coming to Sosh


It's official, 5G is coming to Sosh

On the occasion of the launch of its new Livebox 6, Orange reconsiders its choice not to offer 5G to Sosh subscribers and affirms it: it will happen.

We will have 5G tomorrow on Sosh offers“, says Fabienne Dulac, CEO of Orange France. Last brand low-price operator not to offer the new generation of mobile telephony, Sosh will change this situation. If no date is announced, the leader of the operator in France returned to Orange’s choice to reserve 5G for its most expensive offers in an interview for BFM Business.

With the deployment of 5G, all of our ranges will be accessible in 5G anyway.“, she completes. The decision to carry 5G only through the Orange brand so far is explained by “improved throughput and improved quality” and by the investments made by Orange. While SFR and Bouygues Telecom offer compatible offers, Fabienne Dulac moderates by explaining that this integration has been done “along with price increases they have also embarked on low-cost deals. We have chosen to stay on low-cost offers that offer greater price differentiation” between its two brands. “It’s a question of strategy“, she adds.

An announcement which therefore confirms information from Univers Freebox last December on Sosh’s plan to offer 5G to its subscribers. The form that the compatible offers will take is still unknown, but an Orange employee said that it was “technically ready“, but that the incumbent operator was still looking for the right timing to get started.

During this interview, the CEO of Orange France also returned to the deployment of 5G, a year later and considers it very satisfactory. Over this year, Orange thus announces that it has covered 43% of the population, “it’s a good pace of deployment” says Fabienne Dulac. As for access to compatible terminals, the incumbent operator announces that “over 80% of terminal sales“are done on 5G-enabled smartphones,”and the offers that are acquired by our customers today are also compatible offers“. “The year 2022 will be the turning point for 5G because it will be the time for deployment and equipment“, says the leader.


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